Windows Server 2019 Download 64 bit Full Version

By | October 22, 2023

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Windows Server 2019 Download is a powerful and versatile operating system developed by Microsoft, specifically designed for servers and data centers. It is the successor to Windows Server 2016 and comes with a wide range of features and improvements that cater to the evolving needs of businesses and organizations. Windows Server 2019 is part of the Windows NT family of operating systems and shares a common codebase with its client counterpart, Windows 10.

This server operating system provides a reliable and secure platform for hosting essential services, applications, and data. It is available in several editions, each tailored to meet the unique requirements of various business sizes and types. Windows Server 2019 is an integral part of modern IT infrastructure and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the stability and functionality of networks and enterprise environments.

Windows Server 2019 serves a multitude of purposes, making it an indispensable tool for organizations of all sizes. Here are two key aspects of its purpose:

  1. Server Management and Administration: Windows Server 2019 empowers IT professionals to efficiently manage and maintain server infrastructures. It provides a user-friendly interface and a suite of management tools that simplify tasks such as server configuration, system updates, and performance monitoring. With centralized management capabilities, administrators can ensure the stability and security of their networks while minimizing downtime.
  2. Application and Data Hosting: One of the primary purposes of Windows Server 2019 is to host and deliver applications and data to end-users. Whether it’s web applications, file sharing, databases, or virtualized workloads, this operating system provides a robust environment for deploying, managing, and scaling these critical services. It supports both on-premises and cloud-based solutions, giving organizations the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Windows Server 2019 Download Full Version

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Windows Server 2019 Download 64 bit Full Version

Key Features

Windows Server 2019 boasts an impressive array of features that enhance its functionality and make it an attractive choice for IT professionals. Here’s a list of key features, along with a brief explanation of each:

  1. Hybrid Cloud Integration: Windows Server 2019 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure, enabling organizations to build hybrid cloud solutions. This integration provides flexibility in workload placement and ensures a consistent experience across on-premises and cloud environments.
  2. Storage Spaces Direct (S2D): S2D is a software-defined storage solution that allows organizations to pool storage resources and create highly available, scalable, and fault-tolerant storage systems.
  3. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP): This built-in security feature helps protect against a wide range of security threats, providing real-time threat detection and response capabilities.
  4. Hyper-V Improvements: Windows Server 2019 offers enhancements to Hyper-V, including support for shielded virtual machines, network virtualization, and Linux containers.
  5. Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS): Improvements to AD DS simplify domain management, enhance security, and support the deployment of cloud-based services.
  6. Windows Admin Center: This centralized management tool provides a unified interface for managing servers, clusters, and hyper-converged infrastructure, making server management more intuitive.
  7. Linux Support: Windows Server 2019 includes support for various Linux distributions, facilitating interoperability and allowing organizations to choose the best tools for their specific needs.
  8. Improved Container Support: With Windows Containers and Docker support, organizations can deploy and manage containerized applications efficiently.
  9. Networking Enhancements: Enhanced software-defined networking capabilities, such as SDN express, enable better traffic management and improved network performance.

What’s New?

The release of Windows Server 2019 brought several new and noteworthy features to the table. Here are five key additions:

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): Windows Server 2019 introduces WSL, which allows administrators to run Linux distributions natively on Windows servers. This feature enhances compatibility and provides flexibility in choosing the right tools for specific tasks.
  • Storage Migration Service: A new tool, Storage Migration Service, simplifies the process of migrating server data, workloads, and configurations from older Windows Server versions to Windows Server 2019, reducing the complexity of upgrade projects.
  • System Insights: System Insights is an analytics feature that uses predictive analysis to provide insights into server performance, making it easier to manage system resources and plan for future needs.
  • Azure Network Adapter: This feature allows Windows Server 2019 to connect directly to Azure Virtual Networks, simplifying the process of extending on-premises networks into the Azure cloud.
  • Windows Time Service: Windows Server 2019 includes improvements in its time synchronization service, ensuring more accurate and reliable timekeeping across the network.

System Requirements

Before installing Windows Server 2019, it’s crucial to ensure that your hardware meets the minimum requirements. Here’s a list of essential components and their minimum specifications:

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB (for the Server Core installation) or 2 GB (for the Server with Desktop Experience installation)
  • Storage: 32 GB minimum
  • Network Adapter: An Ethernet adapter capable of at least gigabit throughput
  • Optical Drive: DVD drive (if installing from a physical disk)

How to Install

Installing Windows Server 2019 is a straightforward process. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide:

  1. Obtain the Installation Media: You can use a bootable USB drive or a DVD to install Windows Server 2019. Ensure that you have the appropriate edition for your organization.
  2. Boot from Installation Media: Insert the installation media and boot your server from it. You may need to adjust the boot order in the BIOS/UEFI settings.
  3. Select Language and Time Settings: Choose your language, time format, and keyboard input during the initial setup.
  4. Enter Product Key: Enter your Windows Server 2019 product key when prompted. You can also choose to enter it later.
  5. Select Installation Type: Choose between the Server Core installation (minimal interface) or Server with Desktop Experience (full Windows environment).
  6. Partition and Install: Create partitions and select the installation location. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  7. Initial Configuration: After installation, you’ll need to configure the server, set up network settings, and specify the server name.
  8. Post-Installation Tasks: Install roles and features, configure security settings, and set up user accounts as needed for your specific use case.


Windows Server 2019 Download is a versatile and feature-rich operating system designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations. With a wide array of new features and improvements, it continues to play a pivotal role in server management, application hosting, and data services. Its seamless integration with Azure and enhanced security features make it a valuable choice for organizations seeking a reliable and robust server platform. By meeting the minimum system requirements and following the installation process, businesses can harness the power of Windows Server 2019 to enhance their IT infrastructure and streamline their operations.

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