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JUTOH 3.16.4 Free Download [2024]

JUTOH 3.16.4 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest] Jutoh Crack  is a program for creating e-books in just a few seconds from existing files using the New Project Wizard, as well as creating e-book books using the built-in stylized text editor. Book covers can be selected from Jutoh’s templates, or you can create your own with… Read More »

INSOFTA COVER COMMANDER 7.5.0 Free Download [2024]

INSOFTA COVER COMMANDER 7.5.0 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest] Insofta Cover Commander Crack  – the program allows you to create high-quality and stylish virtual 3D boxes, books, DVD-boxes, manuals, CDs, screenshots for your software so that you can present it to users in a professional way. Just a few mouse clicks is all it takes to… Read More »

CLIPDIARY 5.7 Free Download [2024]

CLIPDIARY 5.7 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest] Clipdiary Crack– the program is designed to maintain a history of the contents of the clipboard. While working at a computer, you probably constantly copy something to the clipboard. But it can store data for a very short time, if you turn off the computer or just copy other… Read More »

BATCH TEXT REPLACER 2.15.0 Free Download [2024]

BATCH TEXT REPLACER 2.15.0 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest] Batch Text Replacer Crack  is a powerful tool from Gillmeister Software for editing multiple text files at the same time. The program contains many powerful features to customize the contents of text files as needed. For example, entire sections in the text can be replaced, inserted, or… Read More »

CLIPBOARD FUSION PRO 6.1 Free Download [2024]

CLIPBOARD FUSION PRO 6.1 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest] Clipboard Fusion Crack  – by Binary Fortress Software makes it easy to remove text formatting from the clipboard, replace text from the clipboard, or run powerful macros from the contents of the clipboard! You can even sync your clipboard with other computers and mobile devices.Remove Clipboard Formatting… Read More »

ASCOMP TEXT-R PRO 2.002 Free Download [2024]

ASCOMP Text-R Pro 2.002 Crack Free Download [Latest] ASCOMP Text-R Pro Crack is a compact and fast program for OCR scanning and text recognition in PDF files and images. Text-R! The program recognizes text in PDF files and images and allows you to edit them without special skills. The text can be saved in a new editable document in… Read More »

Insofta 3D Text Commander 6.5.0 Free Download [2024]

Insofta 3D Text Commander 6.5.0 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest] Insofta 3D Text Commander Crack – the program will convert any of your text into three-dimensional, allowing you to create your own logo, banner or slogan, and save them to your computer for later use on your web pages, documents or presentations. You can choose the… Read More »

PopChar 9.5 Free Download [2024]

PopChar 9.5 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest] PopChar Crack – most of your fonts contain thousands of characters, far more than you can get from the keyboard. If you want to get the most out of your fonts, then PopChar is the right tool for you. PopChar makes it easy to find unusual characters without having to… Read More »

FONTEXPERT 19.0 Free Download [2024]

FontExpert 19.0 Crack Free Download [Latest] FontExpert 2019 Crack is a program for working with fonts. Provides the ability to view TrueType, OpenType, Adobe Type 1, and bitmap fonts, both installed and not installed. In addition to resolving problems with fonts, FontExpert installs / uninstalls fonts, shows the character table, font properties (versions / copyrights / metrics /… Read More »

X-FONTER 12.0.1 Free Download [2024]

X-Fonter 12.0.1 Crack Full Free Download [Latest] X-Fonter Crack is a program to manage all your fonts, install and uninstall, download and compare, view, print and more. All font types are supported, including TrueType, OpenType, Postscript Type 1, bitmap and vector fonts. Among other things, the program allows you to view fonts in 3D and apply various effects… Read More »