Sleep as Android 20150110 build 975 Crack Download [2023]

By | December 8, 2022

Sleep as Android 20150110 build 975 Crack Free Download [Latest]

Sleep as Android Crack  is not just another alarm clock for Android, but a powerful combiner that not only wakes you up at a set time, but also knows how to determine sleep phases and wake you up exactly at the moment when waking up will be as soft and easy as possible for you .

Sleep as Android  uses the accelerometer of your smartphone, which is lying next to you during sleep, and captures the activity of your movements, determining the phase of sleep. The developers claim that during rest, the phases of deep and REM sleep alternate. Waking up at the moment of deep sleep is harmful to a person’s well-being.If you set an alarm for a certain time, the app will not wake you up during deep sleep, but as soon as you enter REM sleep, an alarm will sound.

Sleep as Android  plots the depth of your rest and maintains sleep deficit statistics. You can use natural sounds to signal an alarm clock – birdsong, the sound of the surf, the sound of a thunderstorm, etc. In the settings, you can control the speed of signal amplification. For the largest dormouse, a special CAPTCHA mode is provided, in which to turn off the signal, you will need to understand the meaning of the simple task offered by the application and enter the correct answer. The program can record sleep conversations and record your snoring.


Platform:  Android 2.0+
Interface language:  Multilingual / Russian

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