Security Eye 4.6 Crack Download 2023

By | December 29, 2022

Security Eye 4.6 Crack Free Download  [Latest]

Security Eye Crack  is a camera surveillance software that supports web and IP cameras, records video and has a built-in motion detector. This software allows you to organize a video surveillance system and monitor the situation in real at home, in the office, in the parking lot and in other places where your cameras are installed.

Video Surveillance
Installed on your computer, Security Eye uses IP cameras and webcams to provide unparalleled video monitoring. The program supports more than 1200 models of IP cameras and almost all webcams. The video stream can be viewed from 64 sources simultaneously. You can also watch live streaming through your browser from anywhere in the world!

Motion Detection Motion
Detection is one of the main tools available in Security Eye. It is based on a video frame analysis algorithm. You can use it to protect your home or business from intruders. The motion sensor and masking tool are fully customizable so you can be sure you won’t get false alerts.

Task Scheduler
Video recording and motion monitoring are useful when you need them. The software allows you to set up periods of the day and special dates for these tasks. For example, you can start monitoring your home at the beginning of the working day, and end the task in the evening. Or, if you’re a boss, you can schedule video recordings in your office rooms only during business hours and then watch it later to make sure your employees are doing their job.

Video Recording
The software uses the xVid encoding engine for high quality video recording. You can record events in your home, office or store while you are away. An easy-to-use built-in video player allows you to play recorded video at any time and at any speed. You can start recording at specific times of the day and week.

Email and SMS Alerts
If Security Eye detects motion, it may turn on a loud sound (siren). It can also send you a warning message to your email, with camera photos attached. In addition, it can send SMS to your mobile phone.

Capturing an incident
It is important not only to identify a security threat, but also to collect evidence. When the program detects motion, it can take pictures with the cameras and record videos. Captured media files are stored in a local folder or in the cloud.


ОС: Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP

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