Rogue / Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Crack Free Download [2023]

By | December 1, 2022

Rogue / Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

Assassin’s Creed Rogue – a new version of everyone’s favorite game, which is a continuation of the Black Flag ship series, in this part you will also surf the seas and rob outposts just like in the previous part, but in this part you will visit the frozen coast of the Atlantic, some rivers, as well as a completely recreated New York of the 18th century based on real prototypes. You will have at your disposal a new ship “Morrigan”, which is not afraid of blocks of ice and is ready to navigate the harsh frozen seas of the Atlantic. It is equipped with new cannons and barrels of oil. But these are not the only innovations, now the assassins will constantly hunt for you, while they will interfere even at the most inopportune time, so you’d better always try to figure them out and kill them yourself without too much noise. Now you will have a gun in your equipment, as well as a few other changes that you will try out for yourself.

How to collect money:

  1. We go into a nearby outpost, which has more than two key holders.
  2. Eliminate all key holders, but leave one (you will need it later).
  3. Now empty all warehouses.
  4. After that, press the Start button, select “Shay Upgrades” and then back from the menu
    in order to save your inventory.
  5. Next, find the guard and let him take your life to start the robbery again.
  6.  You can repeat this trick as much as you like.


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