Puffin Browser Pro Crack Download 2023

By | December 29, 2022

Puffin Browser Pro Crack Free Download [Latest]

Puffin Pro  is a fast mobile browser designed for the Android platform. The application has serious advantages not only over the standard browser of the operating system, but also over many third-party solutions. Among the indisputable advantages of Puffin Pro is not only the speed of loading pages compared to other browsers, but also support for the latest multimedia standards and security, the level of which has not yet been achieved by popular browsers. The browser provides many modes, including mouse simulation for precise control of small elements and a mode that is convenient for games.

 Speed ​​and the Cloud

Puffin Pro Browser is way ahead of other browsers. He’s not just faster than them. After it, it is simply unpleasant to use other browsers. The secret lies in the cloud. Other browsers do not use them, so no matter what tricks their creators go for, their speed is simply limited by the hardware resources of the phone.

Puffin Pro uses its own remote service, making it perform heavy tasks and then getting results from it. Thus, the phone, in a sense, acts as the screen of a super-powerful computer located on the Internet. This explains, at first glance, the supernatural ability of the browser to quickly and easily display heavy pages that are sometimes difficult even for a powerful home computer.

The browser doesn’t just ask the server to process some page elements. It works only with this server, which, in turn, accesses the sites you need. The server optimizes all pages for your device, which are then sent to your phone using a unique compression technology. The savings in traffic and, accordingly, the increase in speed reaches an impressive 90%. The server even takes care of processing the active Flash elements on the page.

For your information, the processing of these scenarios on the device is the main cause of all delays and rapid battery drain while browsing the Internet. The server uses the latest version of the Flash player. Puffin provides cloud storage where you can upload files without going through devices. And with Puffin Pro, you can directly download any file up to 1 gigabyte to the cloud. The download speed will be huge, regardless of your Internet speed.


Using a remote server makes the Puffin Pro browser also extremely secure. The data channel between the phone and this server is carefully encrypted. Thanks to this, you can not be afraid of interception and safely connect to any Wi-Fi network. Even if the transmitted data is received, it will be meaningless, since for any other device this is a messy set of signals.



• Incredible download speeds
• Support for Adobe Flash via Cloud technology
• Upload files to the Cloud (files up to 1 GB)
• Theater mode for Flash video and games
• Theater mode
• Virtual touchpad (mouse simulation)
• Virtual joystick
• Color schemes for toolbar and dropdown bar
• Fastest javascript engine
• Full web experience (standard view and mobile view)
• Incognito Mode: Automatically clear your app activity
• Ad Blocker

OS:  Android™ 4.1 and higher
Interface language:  Russian / multilingual

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