MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2017 Premium + Rus Crack Download [2023]

By | December 30, 2022

MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2017 Premium + Rus Crack Full Free Download

Learn what it’s like to work with music and video at the professional level! The Audio & Music Lab Premium software product   allows you to fully work with any musical recordings at the highest digital level.

Unforgettable “warm” sound, characteristic of old records, can now be “taken with you” to your computer, smartphone or even car radio. The Audio & Music Lab Premium software product will allow you not only to digitize and transfer recordings from your favorite records and disks to your computer, but also not to worry about the quality! All the nuances of the “warm, tube” sound will be preserved thanks to the quality of 96-kHz/24-bit.

  1. Makes an impression: Web radio
    Only for you more than 6000 web radio stations with a wide variety of music, creative (both famous and emerging) performers and authentic broadcasts from around the world.
  2. Professional Sound Processing
    Numerous software tools help you fine-tune your sound with visual analysis at the object, layer or spectral level.
  3. Working with video soundtracks
    Dedicated software functions and various presets developed by the best programmers will help you create a video soundtrack exactly the way you would like to hear it.

Key Features:

• Highest quality 96 kHz / 24-bit
• 6,000 online radio stations
• One-click interference removal
• More than 360 different settings
• Work with soundtracks
• Convert audio and video to all popular formats
• Software tools for visualizing compositions
• Burning projects on CDs and DVDs


Find your wave
Full drive: The new search function will now allow you to find radio stations on the Internet with really good music even faster.

Audio & Music Lab Premium’s advanced touch controls take you to the next level: Edit your audio recordings using touch controls on tablets or any other device.

Sound Recovery Tutorial
Quick learning. Results at a professional level. This tutorial will show you how to restore the sound of material from an old record.

10x faster video import
The new import algorithm allows you to work with the audio track at maximum speed, while consuming minimal software power. This allows, for example, importing MPEG4 video up to 10 times faster than Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium.

4 independent editing tracks
The ideal CD project software for anyone who wants to create truly professional podcasts and reports. 4 tracks will allow you to improvise unlimitedly!

Fragment processing
Work with the most complex projects at a really high speed! Functions designed to work with individual fragments are widely used by professionals around the world and can significantly speed up the processing process.

Automatic Sound Enhancement
One of the most complex tasks – restoring damaged material – is now solved quite simply: Start Auto Cleaning, automatically analyze the available material and, upon completion, manually adjust additional effects.

Always the best music
If any Internet radio station ceases to exist, the program will automatically recognize it and delete it. This means that in the future you can always be sure that you are listening to the best music online. Or, if desired, offline, since any music can be recorded and listened to later.

New Large Room
Effects The new Large Room Effects are part of the already legendary essentialFX effects suite. With these effects, you can completely transform the sound of any of your audio recordings, giving them “spatial volume”.

New effects of “stretching” and “compressing” time
The zplane™ algorithm used is deservedly considered one of the best in the world! Based on it, you will be able to process any sound material with the utmost precision, perfectly adjusting the pitch, playback speed and other parameters.

A high resolution.
Perfection in everything! The new effects section really impresses, allowing you to process the material with the utmost precision, eliminating noise and interference (you will be able to work comfortably on both standard monitors and state-of-the-art 4K & HD devices).

No trash!  In the effects section, all available modules are now sorted by importance. But you can change the order of the modules at any time by simply dragging the elements to the right places with the mouse. This will enable you to work even faster.

Ability to work faster.
Scroll through all the effects in this section, going through each one step by step. You can, for example, change the equalizer to dynamic processing with one click.

Quick focus
New quick access categories allow you to bring a track section, video monitor or background effects to the front with a single click. This will make it possible to always have full control over the project, even on small monitors.

Spectral Cleaning vs. Comparison
The spectral analysis effect will help you visually quickly recognize interference (such as coughing, crackling, and others), highlight problem areas, eliminate unwanted sounds, and immediately compare the result with the source material.

Smart search
function The search function will help you find the right noise reduction filters, the right help texts or the perfect effects for your project. All found effects can be opened directly from the search window.

Sound in perfection
Numerous modules with a variety of settings allow you to process any sound material with the utmost precision, eliminating noise and interference. At the output you will find a magnificent bewitching Hi-Fi sound.

Preview Monitor
Easily customizable according to your wishes, the preview monitor allows you to qualitatively and accurately process the sound component of the material captured using any video cameras.

Video transformation
You can convert any video files to any desired format at any time. For example, you can save MP4 files in any other format.

9 visualization options
Effects that give you the ability to visualize the sound will help you quickly identify and eliminate possible problems.

6 additional plug-ins
Open up new horizons for you when working with speech recordings, embedding innovative effects and conducting any musical experiments.

Batch processing
Exporting or processing entire albums can now be done in one step. Work efficiently!

OС: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.

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