KOMPAS-3D. Model building and 3D printing (2020) Crack Download 2023

By | December 31, 2022

KOMPAS-3D. Model Building & 3D Printing (2020) Crack Free Download [Latest]

KOMPAS-3D Crack is a powerful, constantly improving CAD system that is maximally adapted to domestic standards. Model airplanes and trucks, buses and tanks, motorcycles and helicopters, assemble gliders or copters, create models of your dream cars. The system supports 3D printers, so you can easily get a real object from a 3D model and bring your idea to life! Moving from simple to complex, you will learn how to create models for subsequent 3D printing and get acquainted with all the features of this process.

First, you will master the 3D printing technology itself and settings for saving models from CAD to Stl format, as well as converting Stl using a slicer program into a G-code command language that the printer understands. Next, eight lessons await you with detailed examples of modeling models prepared for 3D printing in KOMPAS-3D CAD.


Publisher:  Peter
Pages:  209
Language:  Russian
Format:  pdf

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