KMSauto – Windows Activator and Office Crack Free Download [2023]

By | December 3, 2022

KMSauto – Windows Activator and Office Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

KMSAuto  is a freely distributed KMS activator that assigns licensed status to Windows operating systems and office programs from Microsoft. Activation is deployed automatically without mandatory access to the network: special corporate keys are sewn into the OS, tested on the developer’s servers and remove functional restrictions. Windows will no longer block access to the Personalization sections , and Office will allow you to interact with OneDrive and stop displaying errors related to non-working components.

Version: 1.6.4
Language: Multi+Rus
The size: 16.8 Mb
Compatibility: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 and Office 2010, 2013, 2016

Password:  1111

Features of KMSauto

  • Activation of operating systems from Microsoft, starting with Vista (Business and Enterprise versions) and including Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7 (Home, Pro, Enterprise), and a set of office programs from 2010-2021;
  • Installation of random or selected corporate keys (GVLK) with the function of automatically updating the license status on a schedule (once a week or a month);
  • Support for proxy servers and custom KMS services to bypass regional blocking and combat restrictions from Microsoft;
  • Choice of activation mode: by downloading license keys, by file substitution, by adding a virtual network driver;
  • Built-in system for converting Windows editions, bypassing critical errors, blocking access to the Update Center.


Interface and tools

The latest versions of KMSAuto are not launched directly, but through the launcher – a special context menu that provides access to templates with additional tools. Activating Windows by phone, uninstalling Microsoft Office 2010-2021 (the activator cleans the registry, erases license files and components of recent updates), launching Defender Tools – the developers offer to immediately deal with the collection of presets, and at the same time prepare the software and computer for work.

The same Defender Tools section is needed to temporarily deactivate Windows Defender, which can block some of the KMSAuto functions, and using License Setup Office, non-working license keys that interfere with activation are erased.

After pre-configuring in the launcher, you will have to select KMSAuto and go directly to activation, implemented in three ways:

Standard path . If you select ” Activation ” in the central part of the interface , and then click on Windows or Office a little higher, then KMSAuto will run the script for adding license files to the system. The whole process unfolds automatically and does not require additional action

Installing keys . The activator adds random GVLK (corporate) keys to the system or assigns those entered in a special text field.

Scheduler . Some licensed components stop being tested on Microsoft servers after a week or a month. Scheduler adds a special schedule to reactivate Windows or Office in the background.

New keys are integrated into  C:Windows  and immediately checked for validity.

If errors occur, it is recommended to deactivate  Windows Defender , the antivirus complex and temporarily disconnect from the network. After the experiments and the reverse connection to the Internet in the main menu, you must click on the KMSAuto icon to check the status of the system

If the activation is successful, then the License Status field will show the green text Licensed.

Settings and Services

If the activation of Windows and Microsoft Office is not completed due to critical errors, regional locks or third-party restrictions, then the operating system and software will have to be additionally prepared using the additional sections of KMSAuto:

Settings . A number of specific parameters designed for professionals. KMSAuto offers to choose the activation method (SECOPatcher, Hook, TAP), change servers and ports, and use a proxy to bypass regional blocking and restrictions. In 99% of cases, it is not necessary to look into the “Settings” – if there are problems with activation, then the help of “Utilities” will be needed

Administration . A thematic section that allows you to start standard Windows services and set up accounts, edit lists with scheduled events and view information about recent events, including errors made in the OS with detailed transcripts.

Checking the integrity of system files . A special script that checks Windows components through the command line with administrator rights. After detecting errors, it is recommended to restart the computer and restart the activation.

Conversion . KMSAuto is able to assign new editions to current versions of Windows in order to add alternative license activation keys or launch software that is specific and not adapted to specific OS (a common option when working with 1C).

Errors and activation reset . A set of additional measures aimed at bypassing the “invalid system” state and designed to restore activations after critical errors. Each of the additional actions is supplemented with instructions.

This concludes the description of the KMSauto activator for Windows and Office. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to comment.

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