[Key] Allway Sync 21.2 Pro + Activation Code Crack Download 2023

By | December 29, 2022

[Key] Allway Sync 21.2 Pro + Activation Code Crack Free Download [Latest]

Allway Sync  is a powerful Windows application to help you synchronize files and folders. If you use multiple computers and want to use the same files in your personal folders, this tool can help you. At the bottom of the material, you can download Allway Sync for free in Russian in the Pro edition and the activation code for the full license.

Unlike other synchronization applications, this tool uses a more complex algorithm that is independent of the computer’s time. This allows you to synchronize the contents of folders not only with another PC, but also with an FTP server or an Amazon S3 account (and other cloud storages).

To start synchronization, you need to create a task, specify the folder location and connection settings. You can also use the program to sync data with your Google Cloud Storage account, SkyDrive, and Amazon Cloud Drive.

For some services, such as Dropbox, you need to authorize the application by requesting a token.

If you want to sync automatically, you need to select an event in Allway Sync that should trigger the sync. For example, plugging in a removable device, before logging out, or using fixed time intervals.

Although the application provides several configuration options, it is suitable for both experienced and casual PC users.

Important!  The activation key (code) is already “sewn” into the distribution kit of the program. Just install and use the full Pro license, without any additional manipulations.


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