Kerish Doctor 2017 4.65 Crack Free Download [2023]

By | January 2, 2023

Kerish Doctor 2017 4.65 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

Kerish Doctor Crack  is an all-in-one solution for real-time computer health care, digital junk cleanup, performance improvement, threat and vulnerability protection, and full Windows system control.

The program offers two modes of operation. In real-time mode, Kerish Doctor protects the system in the background and automatically fixes errors automatically, shows notifications about the work done. The program starts with the start of Windows.

Key Features of Kerish Doctor:

– Real-time Windows Crash Prevention
– Fix Registry Errors
– Computer Temperature Monitoring

– Clean up digital “junk”
– Remove outdated application cache
– Clean up invalid partitions and shortcuts

– Accelerate gaming applications
– Optimize Windows settings and system services – Optimize Internet connection

– Malware protection
– Remediation of vulnerabilities in Windows and installed software
– Control of significant PC events

The main components of Kerish Doctor:

Kerish Doctor consists of several components that work independently of each other. You can enable or disable the operation of certain components in the main application window. In classic mode, all components are automatically disabled, as application components are designed to run in the background.

Error Correction
This component is responsible for monitoring the computer for potential failures and preventing them. In addition, the component periodically checks the computer for errors and inconsistencies in the system registry and corrects them.

Cleaning up digital “garbage”
This component is responsible for analyzing the computer for the presence of digital “garbage” and cleaning it up. The operation of this component does not affect the contents of the Windows Recycle Bin, and also does not affect the operation of applications and user data. Objects and conditions for their analysis for the sign of digital “garbage” are in the database of algorithms. Timely updating of this database will provide the most effective cleaning of the computer.

Computer protection
This component is responsible for the whole range of computer protection measures. It constantly monitors to detect malicious and potentially dangerous programs, analyzes the behavior of running programs and protects important files, checks the operating system and installed software for vulnerabilities.

Computer control
This component is responsible for notifying about important events occurring on the computer. Such events include: the appearance of new programs in startup, the installation of new system services, the installation of new extensions for Internet browsers, changes in the address of the home page of Internet browsers, the appearance of new tasks in the Windows Scheduler, etc. By default, for most of these events, the program will show an alert with the option to reject the action that has taken place. This will help keep your computer under control and prevent unwanted programs from appearing in Windows startup or, for example, unwanted changes to the start page of your favorite Internet browser.

Acceleration of gaming applications
This component is responsible for increasing performance in gaming applications. The component monitors the launch of game applications that are in the “Game Mode” list. In the case of launching a gaming application, a number of actions are taken to unload the work of the operating system and focus the full potential of its work exclusively on the gaming process. After the game application ends, normal operation is restored.



• Added “Autoload Optimization” tool based on cloud data
• Added “Search for Large Files”
tool • Added “Search for Duplicate Files”
tool • Added “Submit for Analysis”
tool • Added “Domain Map”
• Improved navigation through the program interface (added graphic hints)
• Significantly optimized performance of searching for digital “garbage”
• Added an optional ability to clean up application installers
• Added quick single undo of changes made (with restoration) of an object in the list of found problems
• Added setting of temperature regime thresholds
• Added the ability to disable integration into the Windows context menu at startup
• Added notifications about the deactivation of applications from the black list
• Added a check of the domain map (Hosts file) for malicious and suspicious entries
• Upgraded warning about the presence of vulnerable software
• Improved game mode
• Added settings Threat Notifications
• Added the ability to pause the application
• Added detailed real-time crash prevention technology settings
• Added new crash prevention technology issues
• Added new guidelines
• Added Indonesian interface language
• Fixed bugs and added many small improvements

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