Kerish Doctor 2016 4.60 DC Crack Download [2023]

By | December 30, 2022

Kerish Doctor 2016 4.60 DC Crack Full Free Download

Kerish Doctor 2016 Crack  is a complete solution for taking care of your computer, which contains the most promising developments in this field. Thanks to its unique system, Kerish Doctor 2014 prevents Windows crashes in real time and also reliably fixes system registry errors. The application regularly performs the most perfect and safe cleaning of the system from the accumulating digital “garbage”, and also optimally increases its performance.

Kerish Doctor 2016  protects your computer from malware and potential vulnerabilities by monitoring your computer’s security-critical settings. The Smart Update system timely updates the databases of the application, which are regularly improved by our specialists. Thanks to this system, the efficiency of the installed complex increases day by day and makes it the most promising in its class.


•  Crash Prevention
The unique “Real-time Failure Detection” system prevents crashes and system errors in real time. The disappearance of the desktop, the language bar, the shutdown of important services and critical errors in the system settings will be under the control of the application.
•  Personal Advisor
Recommendation Wizard will analyze your system and give recommendations to improve your computer, which can be applied with one click. System status and configuration may change, which may result in new recommendations.
•  Intelligent cleaning
The most advanced method of cleaning your computer of digital “garbage” takes into account the date of modification for each file. This avoids accidental deletion of temporary files still required by the system. This method guarantees reliable and safe cleaning.
•  In step with the times,
the Application Update Wizard will help you check installed software for critical vulnerabilities, patches, new versions, and help you update them. Having the latest versions of potentially vulnerable applications is important from a security standpoint.
•  Solving common problems
The troubleshooting wizard contains the most extensive database of problems and will help you solve common problems. You simply select the problems you have encountered from the list, and the program fixes them.
•  Fast Internet
Internet connection optimization wizard analyzes and optimizes Internet connection settings specifically for your equipment. This allows you to achieve the highest possible connection speed.
•  Game
Booster The “Game Booster” feature helps to increase the performance of gaming applications. By activating the game mode, the game application is set to a high priority during the game, which allows you to fully unlock the potential of your computer during the game.
•  Full control
The Kerish Deblocker function allows you to unlock the computer in cases where the user does not have the opportunity to do it on their own. For example, if the computer is blocked by SMS-Blocker or there is no way to close a frozen full-screen application.
•  There is no limit to perfection
The “Smart Update” function regularly updates the core and application heuristic databases when accessing the Internet. Such flexibility and extensibility make Kerish Doctor 2013 one of the most promising products in its class, the efficiency of the application is constantly growing regardless of its version.


Operating system:

Interface language:  Multi/Rus
Medicine:  key

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