HWMonitor Pro 1.44 Crack download [2023]

By | December 6, 2022

HWMonitor Pro 1.44 Crack Free Download [Latest]

HWMonitor Pro Repack Crack for Windows is a simple and functional program for monitoring the status of your hardware. From our site you can download the activated Repack version of the program for free and use the full Pro license without a purchase! Download links at the bottom of the material, but for now a small digression. Powerful hardware monitoring software solution. Displays the temperature, voltage, fan speed and many other parameters of your computer in the main window.


Main program window

With a user-friendly interface, you can easily keep track of each parameter. For example, it is possible to view and monitor CPU core temperatures. You can also analyze the temperature of the main hard drive or video card.

The utility has the ability to add tracked values ​​to the system tray. Therefore, every time the value changes, you will definitely get a notification in the tray.


Information in tree

HWMonitor Pro has one interesting feature: connecting to a specific IP address or another network via a TCP/IP connection to monitor the sensors of one or more remote computers.

As mentioned above, the interface of the program is very simple, and for clarity, you can display clear graphs to track changes over a period of time.


Parameter Change Graph

The app handles the most common ICs and only monitors those components that have compatible sensors.

License information

  • Type: installation only (repack) + Unpacking (Poartable);
  • Version: 1.44;
  • Language: Eng (Russian is not and will not be!);
  • Platform: all Windows (x32 / x64);
  •  Activation: completed.


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Download Links/Mirrors

Download HWMonitor Pro (Free):

HWMonitor Pro 1.44 2 Mb

Important!  If the license is not automatically “picked up”, then use the patch (it is in the archive with the program). Just copy it to the program directory, run it as Administrator and click “Patch”.

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