HTC Home Apis 3.1 Build 625 Crack Download [2023]

By | December 9, 2022

HTC Home Apis 3.1 Build 625 Crack Free Download [Latest]

HTC Home Crack  is a free and open source widget for Windows. Shows the time and weather on the desktop. Just like on HTC communicators. The new version contains a new look and new features, it has become even faster and more stable. Now each version, starting with this one, will have its own names – 3.1 has Apis

Key Features:

• Updated interface
The display of day and night temperatures returned, and the forecast is now combined with the widget itself. The forecast can be easily hidden with a simple click on the weather icon.
• Additional weather information
The clock widget can now display additional information such as wind speed or humidity. Because numbers alone are not always enough to evaluate the weather, we have added different icons for different wind strength and humidity.
• “Felt” temperature
Sometimes it seems that it is much colder (or warmer) than the indicated temperature outside. It depends on many parameters such as wind speed, humidity and others. Therefore, we have added the ability to display the “felt” temperature, which takes into account these factors.
• Updated settings interface
We tried to make widget settings simpler, more logical and attractive.
• Styles
Each widget now has multiple display options. For the Clock widget, these are the usual digital clocks with the weather, as well as several types of analog clocks.
Each widget is a separate application
Each widget is now a separate application. You can pin them to the taskbar, you can run as many copies of the same widget as you like.
• New Widget – Weather
The widget only displays the weather. There are 3 styles. Supports weather provider selection and “felt” temperature display.
HTC Home Extras are various add-ons that enhance the functionality of widgets. These can be weather providers, resources, etc. To install add-ons, simply drag them onto the executable file of any widget (Clock.exe, Weather.exe). You can delete them in the settings, on the Extras tab.


System requirements:

• PC running Windows® Vista, 7 or 8 (32-bit or 64-bit OS).
• Internet connection (possibly through a proxy server).
• Installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4

When installing  the program, refuse to install additional. ON

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