Golden Software Surfer 20.1.195 Crack Download 2023

By | January 2, 2023

Golden Software Surfer 20.1.195 Crack Free Download [Latest]

Golden Software Surfer is   a tool for surface modeling and analysis, landscape rendering, mesh generation, 3D map development and more. The program’s powerful interpolation features turn disparate data into stunning, high-quality surfaces. Surfer has a rich variety of generated maps: contours, vectors, raw data, shaded relief and others. Different maps can be overlaid on top of each other to identify dependencies in your data.

A wide range of very accurate and efficient data interpolation algorithms. The possibility of graphical representation of the surface as: in the form of a contour map and in the form of a three-dimensional image with photographic accuracy.

Extensive customization options for realistic, expressive images, including light source location, relative tilt gradient, shading type and color, as well as the layout of different images on the same screen.

A set of Auxiliary Operations with Surfaces:

• calculation of volume between two surfaces;
• transition from one regular grid to another;
• surface transformation using mathematical operations with matrices;
• surface cutting (profile calculation);
• calculation of surface area;
• surface smoothing using matrix or spline methods;
• conversion of file formats and a number of other functions.

A set of operations with images:

• obtaining an image by overlaying several transparent and opaque graphic layers;
• import of finished images, including those obtained in other applications;
• use of special drawing tools, as well as applying textual information and formulas to create new and edit old images.

Surfer Features:

• Unlimited map design. Implemented support for map projections: you can assign a coordinate system for each layer of the map, and then select from the list of coordinate systems necessary for display. This allows you to mix and match data and grid files from different coordinate systems, and gives you the freedom and time to create a map.
• Installation on 64-bit version. Allows you to work with a large amount of information and graphic data without worrying about the lack of memory.
• Instant display of changes made. The new functionality allows you to easily edit areas and instantly see the result of changes on the map thanks to the advanced settings of the program.
• Drawing smooth curved lines. Added a new tool for smoothing curved lines, which allows you to draw smooth lines on the site.
• Dynamic digitizing. The digitize function allows you to know the values ​​of certain points on the map based on the reports of the map grid and the X, Y, Z values.
• Map overlay. The map overlay feature has been returned, allowing you to create several separate maps, then select only the ones you need and combine them by overlaying each other.
• Full data compatibility. Allows you to import and export to any known formats, including support for Access 2007 ACCDB and Google Earth (KML and KMZ).
• Change the range of colors on the map. With one click, you can quickly change the range of colors for the created map.
• Defining the data range for plotting. Ability to specify the range of data to plot when selecting the start and end lines from the data file.
• Option to save calculations. The Surfer automatically saves the last ten calculation functions, so there is no need to re-enter the same functions.
• Easy contour definition. A simple method allows you to quickly and easily define and change the main attributes of the contour, such as large and small contour lines, intervals, fill color, etc.
• Extended functions for editing grid nodes. All displayed nodes can be edited during construction.
• Export outlines to a 3D text file. The ability to obtain the necessary data from the contour map allows you to export contour lines to XYZ text data files.
• Expansion of the mathematical grid. Using the required number of files with a mathematical grid without restrictions.
• Saving the grid and database from the map. Ability to extract file or grid data directly from the map.
• Automatic creation of contour maps. By uploading a CLR file, you can create the desired color contour map for a specific scenario.
• Saving coordinate system data for reuse. Surfer allows you to remember the design and save this information for future use.
• New grid mosaic option. The new SUM overlay method allows you to add Z-values ​​in areas where mesh overlay files exist.

OS:  Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7

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