FileMenu Tools 7.8.4 Crack Free Download [2023]

By | January 2, 2023

FileMenu Tools 7.8.4 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

FileMenu Tools Crack  customizes the Windows Explorer context menu items, allowing you to create a list of the necessary commands yourself. With a single click, you can rename, copy, move, delete files, launch programs you want, copy a selection to the clipboard, launch a virus scanner, open Internet links, and much more. The program allows you to set the order of menu items, divide them into groups, create submenus with the necessary items, use commands from a predefined set, or add your own commands with additional parameters. Another distinctive feature of this program is the ability to manage menu items that were created when installing other programs, as well as quick editing of the “send” menu.

Predefined set of commands and utilities:

  • Command line from here
  • Copy name
  • copy path
  • register dll
  • Unregister dll
  • Attributes (selection menu)
  • Copy to folder…
  • Move to folder…
  • Extract from folder
  • Destroying files…
  • Delete bypassing the “Trash”
  • Delete empty folders…
  • Delete Locked Files
  • Split file into parts (utility)
  • Collect parts of a file
  • Move to new folder
  • Copy path as internet address
  • Copy contents of files (text only)
  • Paste from clipboard to file (text only)
  • Find and Replace… (text only) (utility)
  • Advanced Uninstall… (utility)
  • Create a new folder
  • Send by email/mail
  • Create symbolic link…
  • Run with options… (utility)
  • Synchronize… (utility)
  • Create a duplicate
  • Copy UNC path
  • Change date…(file changes) (utility)
  • Change folder icon… (utility)
  • Advanced Rename… (utility)
  • Folder content size… (utility)
  • Calculate and check Checksum…
  • Selecting Items… (XP)
  • Customize FileMenuTools…



Type:  installation | unpacking the portable version.
Languages:  ML.
Activation:  completed.
Cut:  nothing.

Command line switches:

• Silent installation of the regular version: /S /I
• Unpacking of the portable version: /S /P
• It is also possible to select a directory for installation: After all keys, add /D=%path% Example: install_file.exe /S /I /D= C:FileMenuTools

ОС:  Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

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Download FileMenu Tools 7.8.4 (9.5 MB):

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