EditPlus 5.5 + Keygen Crack Free Download [2023]

By | November 29, 2022

EditPlus 5.5 + Keygen Crack Free Download [Latest]

EditPlus  is a powerful and handy editor for text files or code. Perfect for more experienced PC users. It has an accessible interface (though without the support of the Russian language) and great functionality “under the hood”. From this page you can download the latest version of EditPlus for free, as well as a keygen for generating a serial key (license activation key).

Description of the Editor program

Edit+ provides comfortable editing of any text files. Be it plain txt or html, including JavaScript and C/C++. This is achieved by a clear and responsive interface, as well as syntax highlighting. In this editor, you can easily customize anything for more convenient tasks. Personally, I use this editor to create small php files. Everything in it suits: the display of line numbering, and syntax highlighting, and convenient selection of part of the code.

Editplus 5.2 is not a replacement for the standard notepad in Windows. These are completely different programs aimed at their audience. Of course, you can also write simple text in editplus, as in a notepad. And you try to write javascript in notepad. Of course, this is possible, but is it worth it to scoff at yourself like that? Just hooked that on many sites they write, they say this is an alternative to the Windows notepad. Fig swam there. EditPlus is an advanced and more professional tool. Notepad is for minimal actions with text.

Another advantage of the program is the presence of a built-in FTP client, hot keys and a preview browser. You can immediately attach to the site and edit directly, without downloading files.

The size of the edited file is limited only by the size of free RAM. Of course, you can write about this editor happily ever after, but the task of our FileCrack.Ru website is not to describe programs, but to provide programs and “tablets” for them for free download.

Download Edit Plus:

 epp540p3571_0706 2 Mb / x32 – bit version

 epp540p3571_0706_64bit 2 Mb / x64 version – bit

  • Version: 5.5 Build 3643;
  • Platform: Windows;
  • Language: Eng.

Activation instructions:

  1. Download the keygen from the link below;
  2. We launch it, enter any name in the user name;
  3. Press Enter, the key is displayed;
  4. We register the program with the received data, it’s ready!


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Download Links/Mirrors

Download keygen for EditPlus:

 Keygen-EditPlus password – filecrack

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