EasyUEFI 4.8 Enterprise + Key Crack Download [2023]

By | December 4, 2022

EasyUEFI 4.8 Enterprise + Key Crack Free Download [Latest]

EasyUEFI  is a lightweight tool designed to manage the boot options available on UEFI or EFI based systems. Allows you to select boot entries and edit their properties to customize the computer’s boot order. A free download of the EasyUEFI program in the Enterprise edition is available here, as well as a crack with a key to activate the full license.

The UEFI standard is used by many computers to facilitate communication between the operating system and installed devices. It is designed to replace the BIOS interface and provide improved functionality for the end user.

One of the benefits of UEFI is the ability to view boot information while the OS is running. This allows the user to view and reorder boot devices and create new boot entries.

EasyUEFI is designed to provide a simple interface for managing boot options. If you frequently change the startup options for UEFI-based systems, it will help you access detailed information about each boot entry.

The main window displays detected download entries. Additional information about the section number and location is available in the right sidebar.

To create a new entry, you must specify the type, drive, and partition you want to use.


Download EasyUEFI Enterprise:

Version: 4.8
Language: Eng
Platform: Windows
Tablet: Crack (below)

Full license Activation:

  1. Install and close the program;
  2. Download and unzip the  crack archive  ;
  3. Turn off the Internet;
  4. Copy the patch to ” C:Program FilesHasleoEasyUEFIbin ” and ” C:Program FilesHasleoEasyUEFIbinWINPEProgram FilesEasyUEFIbin ” then apply it (for files “EasyUEFI.exe” and “EasyUEFIC.exe”);
  5. Register the application with a key:

Everything, it remains to restart the application and you’re done. If the activation fails, then you need to deny the program access to the Internet.

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