Dicter + Portable Crack Free Download [2023]

By | January 1, 2023

Dicter + Portable Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

Dicter Crack is a translator with which you can easily and effortlessly translate the text you need into the language you need. Being on a website on the Internet, or in an office application (for example, Word), anywhere you can always select text, press the CTRL + ALT key combination and almost instantly get a translation of the selected text from any language into any translated language.

Simplicity and ease of use of the program for translating texts from websites, text files and programs. You can translate messages coming from your foreign friends and acquaintances, correspond with foreign colleagues and calmly translate all incomprehensible words in any languages ​​of the world!

Dicter Online Translator makes it much easier to work with documentation in Windows applications, translates text from unfamiliar languages, gives you a text translation during online communication with a person who speaks a foreign language. In the meantime, it is always interesting to find out what this or that unfamiliar word in a foreign language means and how it is correctly translated.

The text selected with the mouse can always be translated from English into Russian or from German into French or from any of 101 languages ​​using the CTRL + ALT keys (which can be configured), or by clicking on the Dicter icon in the Windows tray.


Our Mission

We are committed to provide the free software for those people who can’t afford the license of the paid software. The software are provided in the form of cracks and keygen. We promise that our products will never contain any malicious code.


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Download Dicter translator (1.7 MB):

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