CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0 crack Free Download

By | December 8, 2022

CSoftLab Advanced Diary 6.0 Crack Free Download

Advanced Diary  is a functional electronic diary for keeping daily records. It has a simple and convenient structure that makes it easy to navigate and quickly find the records you need. It is possible to create cross-references to other documents in the database.

Main Features:

• Thoughtful, user-friendly interface – Advanced Diary has a simple and intuitive interface. You can easily understand how it works.
• Various interface styles and color schemes – You can customize the look of the program as you like. 3 interface types and 50 color schemes are supported.
• Fully customizable display – You can customize everything from program toolbars to displayed information.
• Multilingual support – the program interface is translated into the most popular languages ​​of the world, including Russian!
• Password protection – You can password protect and encrypt all your information in Advanced Diary.
• Support for multiple databases – You can store your information in different databases and switch between them while you work.
• All diaries in one file – You can keep several diaries in one file. This unique opportunity is available only in our program.
• Sending by e-mail – the built-in mail client allows you to send entries to friends and colleagues by e-mail.
• Electronic stickers – You can open any entry as an electronic “sticker” on the screen, adjust its color and transparency.
• Powerful printing function – print information in any form using templates. Ability to edit the report before printing!
• Print Template Editor – Advanced Diary has a built-in print template editor. You can edit existing templates and create new ones!
• Powerful search engine – You will never lose your information. Finding it will take a matter of seconds.
• Import and Export – Advanced Diary has the ability to import and export data. RTF, HTML, TXT and DDB formats are supported.
• File storage – the necessary files are always at hand. You can attach or link to files in any Advanced Diary entry.
• Multi-user access – multiple users can simultaneously work with the database on the network and see all the changes in real time!
• Dropbox Support – You can save a copy of your database to Dropbox and then upload it to another computer with one click!
• Backup and restore – with these features you will not lose your data even if your computer breaks down.
• Completely mobile program – You can install Advanced Diary on removable media and then use it on any computer!


Features of the Diary:

• Flexible, tree-like structure – you can sort your entries into folders, organizing them into a tree, assign your picture to any folder.
• Colored categories and filters – for any entry you can assign one or more categories, and then select entries using filters.
• Sorting – Organize your data the way you want. Sorting by several parameters is supported, manual sorting order for folders.
• Professional editor – Advanced Diary supports text formatting: You can change the font, color, text background, adjust paragraphs, etc.
• Inserting images and photos – You can insert any images into the text, resize them, and use different text wrapping styles.
• Working with tables – You can insert tables into the text, merge or split cells, change their borders and color, and much more.
• Hyperlinks – Add hyperlinks to any web page, email address, files on your computer, and even database entries.
• Audio and video diaries – Advanced Diary supports multimedia. In addition to text, you can record your voice or create video diaries!
• Built-in media player – this feature allows you to play audio and video recordings directly in Advanced Diary!

ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 (32 or 64 bit)

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