Corel Painter 2017 Crack Free Download [2023]

By | December 30, 2022

Corel Painter 2017 Crack Full Free Download

No matter what art direction you work in,  Corel Painter  has everything you need to unleash your creativity. Hundreds of customizable brushes, paper textures, paints and dry pigment materials are at your service, which do not differ from their real counterparts! RealBristle™ technology reproduces the feel of working with traditional materials like no other software. Painter redefines the limits of what is possible in art.

Directions of art in which you will be comfortable working with Corel Painter:

  • Photo art.  The photographer captures rare moments of life and then turns the photographs into works of digital art. Powerful image cloning features and painting tools in Painter help you create vibrant and original works that will impress any viewer.
  • Traditional painting.  The traditional artist relies on the use of time-honored working methods and prefers to start from a blank canvas. Painter lets you combine classic techniques with Natural-Media® technology to create digital art that’s as amazing as real canvases.
  • illustration.  The illustrator in his works reveals the essence and emotional tone of the work. Whether you’re sketching storyboards or creating illustrations for magazines, drawing comics and manga or designing book covers, our all-in-one illustration software Painter will leave a lasting impression on your work.
  • Concept design.  A sketch artist works to visualize great ideas. Whether you’re working in the phantasmagoria genre or creating content for movies, TV and games, Painter has the professional tools you need to artistically illustrate concepts.
  • Design.  The designer is engaged in the development of projects aimed at the target audience. Whether you’re creating logos, web images, or industrial designs, Painter’s cutting-edge technology will help you win over any audience.
  • Art for beginners.  Every creative journey begins with one single step. Painter offers simple and easy-to-use tools that students, aspiring artists and those who just want to express their creativity will appreciate. In addition, we offer Painter Lite, an all-in-one PC application that has everything you need to learn basic skills.

Key Features of Corel Painter:

• Brush search module. This module allows you to quickly find and select the desired brush. Just enter the name or properties of the brush, and Painter will find what you need for you. With the help of the preview, you can be sure that this is exactly the brush you were looking for.
• Preview of brush strokes. You should now be able to see how each brush stroke will look on the canvas. You can also preview parameters such as mixing (Mixing), erasing (Erasing), mixing (Blending) and oscillation (Jitter). The preview window displays the results of parameter settings in real time. The draft canvas is no longer needed!
• Additional brush controls. Customize brushes with just a few clicks. The new brush optimizer displays the basic settings for each brush. In addition, you now have the ability to make further changes to parameters and review changes as you work. Never before has working with brushes been so convenient!
• Brushes with oscillation parameters (Jitter brushes). Built-in jitter brushes mimic the random elements and “lucky bugs” that work with real art media. To enhance the effect of organic realism, further changes can be made to the parameters of the built-in Jitter brushes.
• The effect of parameter fluctuations (Jitter expression). Add a fluctuating effect to your brushes and adjust the Opacity, Grain, Size, Angle and more. This is a great way to bring a unique element of randomness into your creations.
• Guiding perspectives. Perspective guides help you accurately draw one-, two-, or three-point perspective grids. To do this, you just need to select a vanishing point and set the lines – the brush strokes will automatically fall in the direction set by the grid. In addition, you can save blanks, change the color of the lines and add additional guides.
• Reference image. Get inspired by working with a reference image directly from the Painter interface. Just place an image on the screen – it won’t disrupt your workflow. In addition, it will give you the ability to instantly take color samples.
• Meetings with Paint Jam artists. Join online meetings with professional artists who will talk about the difficulties and successes in their careers. These monthly interviews will be a source of new knowledge and inspiration for you.
• Cloning process. Work faster when cloning an image. Now you can see the working image and the cross cursor on the original image at the same time. In addition, you can make changes to the original images and save them automatically.
• Convert multiple layers at the same time. Now you can quickly make changes to multiple layers at the same time. This saves time and allows you to focus on the creative aspect of the project.
• Palettes and libraries of color sets. Painter offers endless possibilities for working with color. Set the maximum number of colors to add to a set from an image, layer, selection, or palette. Also, use new interesting color palettes.
• Optimization of RAM. Significant speed and performance improvements When running Painter on a 64-bit Mac, it will automatically use all available RAM. In addition, performance has been improved on systems with large amounts of RAM. This is a great way to solve resource-intensive tasks.
• Ability to share and manage brushes. Now you can instantly email your brushes, post them online, or transfer them to a USB drive. The recipient only needs to double-click the file to launch Painter and automatically import the brush, category, or brush library.
• RealBristle tools. RealBristle™ technology reproduces the feel of traditional materials with unsurpassed realism. Work with oil paints, watercolors, crayons, markers, pencils and more. The pressure and tilt angle as you move the pen across the tablet allows you to control color intensity and shading.
• Flow Maps. Take control of how paint behaves on canvas. Using flow maps, you can set the direction of paint distribution when working with the tools Realistic watercolor (Real Watercolour) and Realistic fresh oil paint (Real Wet Oil). To enhance the effect, you can create your own set of presets for textures and brushes.
• Intelligent photo painting tools. Turn photos into hand-painted works or leave it to the Auto-Painting palette. SmartStroke™ brush technology will follow the lines and contours of your photo like an artist.
• Customizable surface textures. Achieve natural texture and detail unattainable with other digital painting and photography media. Choose the right paper texture for your drawing, or create and customize your own textures to make your work truly unique.
• Flexible brush control. Keyboard shortcuts provide quick access to brush settings. Interactive controls allow you to quickly and centrally change settings such as brush size (Size), transparency (Opacity), compression (Squeeze) and angle (Angle). In addition, scaling while resizing allows you to maintain the correct proportions of the brush.
• Adjustment of the brush trace (Brush tracking). This great feature will save you time and effort. Brush trail customization lets you instantly adjust Painter to remember your brush stroke preferences, such as the preferred speed and pressure of each brush.
• Move and copy brush options within the library. To quickly move or copy a brush variant to any category, simply drag it to the brush selection window. Updated brush variant and category creation features increase design flexibility and make it easier to save variant.
• Temporary color palette (Temporal Color Palette). The temporary color palette allows you to quickly and easily change the color of a brush. You can instantly call up a temporary color palette and select the colors you want without interrupting your workflow. This palette is displayed only when it is needed and does not clutter up the workspace.
• Custom palettes. Customize Painter according to your preferences. Create your own palettes for special projects and the most frequently performed operations. The created palette is saved after each session and provides convenient and quick access to the tools you need.
• Create and manage custom workspaces. Streamline your workflow with this versatile feature that lets you select the tools you need most, then create, save, delete, and share workspaces.
• Compatible with Adobe Photoshop. With built-in Adobe support, when converting files from Photoshop to Painter and back, colors and layers are preserved. Plus, you can use third-party Photoshop plugins to expand your creativity on Mac and PC*.
• Compatible with Wacom multitouch pen tablets. Painter offers full support for the entire Wacom product line, including the Cintiq interactive pen display and Intuos pen tablet. Support for multi-touch technology also allows you to control the Painter interface directly by touching your Wacom tablet screen with your fingertips.
• Extended support for file formats. Painter X3 offers support for many industry standard formats, including PNG, PSD, TIFF (CMYK and RGB), BMP, TGA, GIF, JPEG, MOV, AVI, and FRM. It also supports the ability to save files in EPS format.
• Support for multiple platforms. Two platforms for the price of one! The Painter X3 CD contains versions for Mac and Windows operating systems.


Program Features:

•  The most realistic digital painting.  The RealBristle™ system is a huge step forward in digital painting, recreating the feeling of working with real paint and canvas when drawing on a tablet.
•  Advanced digital fine art tools.  The impressive new Kaleidoscope and Mirror Paint tools allow you to quickly create stunning patterns and color transitions on your canvas with symmetry and absolute precision. The Kaleidoscope tool is only available in Painter!
•  Designed for ease of use. The new interface makes it easier to select brushes, work with libraries, manage colors and adjust the image. High-quality rendering of the image allows you to see even the smallest details of the picture.
•  An ideal complement to other graphics programs and devices.  Support for importing Photoshop files makes them easy to work with in Painter. When converting Photoshop files to Painter, colors and layers are preserved. Support for the latest Wacom® tablets gives the artist ultimate creative freedom
•  Virtual Photo Lab:
– Improved color recognition when imported from Adobe® Photoshop®, plus individual color profiles for each document, for more accurate color reproduction.
– Photo painting tools with SmartStroke™ technology let you creatively transform reality.
– Customizable surface textures give your creation a personal touch and allow you to achieve a level of detail not available with other digital painting and photography media.
•  Learning through experimentation:
– With digital art tools, you can experiment with color, composition and brush strokes without the toxic exposure, mess and expense associated with traditional materials.
– New Hard Media tool controls give the artist the ability to experiment over and over again to achieve the desired result.
– Smart composition tools like Divine Proportion, Rule of Thirds, and Rule of Fifths help you organize your canvas space so your painting’s composition is flawless .

What’s new in Corel Painter 2017:

Corel Painter 2017  is an update to Corel’s digital painting software that includes new tools for texturing or painting 3D renders, as well as the addition of “stroke stencils” and glaze brushes that mimic traditional oil paint techniques.
New features include:
• Texture painting
• Interactive Gradient Tool
• Gradient Express Paint
• Interface and workflow improvements
• And much more

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