Core Temp 1.16 Rus + Portable Crack Download [2023]

By | December 6, 2022

Core Temp 1.16 Rus + Portable Crack Free Download [Latest]

An advanced  Core Temp Repack Crack utility on Windows to monitor the temperature of the computer’s CPU cores. Allows you to protect your PC from overheating – automatically turns off the computer if the temperature has reached a critical value. You can download the latest version of Core Temp in Russian in Repack and Portable formats for free at the bottom of the material. The program itself is mainly intended for advanced users, but a novice PC user will understand its use. Considering that we have published a version of the utility in Russian (Rus) here, there should not be any problems with understanding its capabilities.

Installing and configuring Core Temp won’t take long. Ads have been integrated into the official app installer. However, in Repack and Portable versions, all advertising from the program is cut out and will not distract anyone.

As for the interface, it is outrageously simple. Once launched, you will be able to observe the current temperature of each core in the Windows system tray.

Core Temp has a small window that shows processor information and temperature readings. The tray temperature indicators are intuitively color-coded. This makes it possible to determine the current safety level in relation to overheating.

The main window of the utility displays the model, platform, frequency, version, and processor ID. Here you can also see low, high and load temperatures for each core. Either adjust the timing offsets for each core or apply the tweak to all of them.

Core Temp can automatically prevent overheating. The utility shows notifications when a critical temperature is reached. You can also activate the protection module when the temperature exceeds a user-defined value.

Additional Features of the program:

  • Enabling pop-up windows and blinking indicators in the tray;
  • Schedule the launch of an application (EXE or BAT);
  • Program the computer to go to sleep or shutdown when overheated.

All these settings can be restored to default if desired.

You can also view the system information collected by Core Temp. Reset high and low temperature readings, create a dump with all processor data and export it to a text document for closer examination and comparison with future dumps. You can also take a screenshot and save it as a PNG.

In short, this utility can be a small but effective solution for monitoring CPU core temperature and scheduling automatic tasks to prevent overheating. Works perfectly on both Windows 10 and earlier OS versions, such as 7.


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