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By | December 31, 2022

Comfort Keys Pro Crack Free Download [Latest]

Comfort Keys Pro Crack is a professional version of the next generation keyboard shortcut manager that will help you automate frequently repeated actions. Using this program, you will significantly reduce the risk of injury from repetitive muscle strain (RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury) caused by frequent mouse clicks and hand movements from mouse to keyboard and back. Also, you will get full control over your keyboard and be able to use it at 100%. The on-screen keyboard helps you control the typing process without constantly moving your eyes from the keyboard to the monitor and back. This will reduce the strain on your eyes and neck, and as a result, help to avoid headaches. With this program, you will significantly speed up the execution of your tasks. The program has multilingual support, including support for the Russian language,

For the convenience of your work, several useful utilities are built into Comfort Keys:

  • Clipboard Manager
  • Text template manager
  • Improved window for switching between applications
  • Input language flag, which is always next to the text cursor and helps determine the current input language
  • History window of previously launched programs with the ability to restart
  • Screen keyboard
  • Language bar

Comfort Keys Actions:

  • Run the program
  • Open Internet resource
  • Execute keystroke macro
  • Connect/Disconnect network
  • Block keypress
  • Replace keystroke
  • Call clipboard manager
  • Paste text from template list
  • Show window for switching between open documents and running applications
  • Show shortcut settings window
  • Show/Hide On-Screen Keyboard
  • Show a list of recent running programs
  • Show desktop with shortcut keys
  • Activate the following shortcut file

Perform system action:

  • Open the Safely Remove Hardware window
  • Open control panel
  • Open properties “Date and time”
  • Open internet properties
  • map network drive
  • Disable network drive
  • Empty trash
  • Change the input language of the last characters typed
  • Change the input language of selected characters
  • Switch input language
  • Convert selected characters to UPPERCASE
  • Convert selected characters to lowercase
  • Convert selected characters to INVERTED CASE
  • Translate selected characters As in sentences.
  • Start with uppercase


  • Lock this computer
  • End session
  • Reload
  • Go to standby
  • Go to sleep
  • To finish work
  • Display shutdown dialog

Sound control:

  • Turn up the volume
  • Turn down the volume
  • Turn sound on/off
  • Eject/Close CD

Monitor control:

  • Disable Monitor
  • Turn on monitor
  • Start screen saver
  • Display properties

Window management:

  • Minimize active window
  • Maximize/Restore Active Window
  • Close active window
  • Hide active window
  • Show last hidden window

Features :

Type:  installation.
Languages:  ML.
Cut:  nothing.
Treatment:  carried out (diakov).

ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 x86/64

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