Call Notes Pro – Understand Who’s Calling v21.03.1 Crack Download [2023]

By | December 8, 2022

Call Notes Pro – Understand Who’s Calling v21.03.1 Crack Free Download [Latest]

Call Notes Pro Crack  will help you understand who is calling. The application shows you all the information about the caller: notes, full name of the caller, company, position, birthday, upcoming calendar events and other information during the call. You can enter notes during a call and then sync them to Evernote and OneNote.

The application is indispensable for those who communicate a lot and who have many contacts. Entrepreneurs, consultants, lawyers, sales people, recruiters and journalists are happy users of the app.

Call Notes Pro will show you a pop-up window with a note and all available information about the contact. You will always know who is calling. It is very easy to update a note after a call or during a call. Save your comments or any other useful information about the contact.

Contact fields
In addition to notes, there is a lot of important information that would be useful to see during a call. Full name, company, position, birthday, upcoming calendar events and other useful information will be available during the call. You probably often encountered that when you call, you can’t see, for example, the middle name of the caller, this application will show you the full name of the caller.

Synchronize internal notes with Evernote and OneNote. Your notes will always be with you and synced across all your devices. You can easily access and edit your notes in Evernote or OneNote and even share them with colleagues.

Simple but flexible reminders. Schedule calls, recurring calls, add notes and never forget to call back later.

All your notes and contacts are safe. Privacy is our top priority! The application does not upload your data anywhere and uses only official APIs for synchronization.



• All information about the call is available: display of address book fields such as note, internal note, company name, position, birthday, groups, calendar events, full name, last call time, number and its type, call type, address, e-mail and website;
• Edit notes directly from the application, after a call and during a call.
• Personalization: You can set the position, color and font size of the note.
• Support for both contacts and internal storage. the ability to save notes even for unknown numbers;
• Synchronization of internal notes with Evernote and OneNote;
• Schedule simple or recurring reminders with notes for any phone number, not just your contacts.
• Request notes from a remote CRM server;
• Support for two SIM cards;
• Dark theme;
• Support for Android Wear devices.

What’s new:

• Call Notes Pro Cloud preview is here to help you to store In-App notes, sync them across devices, and access them on the web.

OS:  Android™ 5.0 and higher
Interface language:  Russian / multilingual

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