ArtMoney 8.09.04 Pro / Vip crack Download [2023]

By | December 8, 2022

ArtMoney 8.09.04 Pro / Vip Crack Free Download [Latest]

ArtMoney program  designed to edit parameters in computer games, to get endless money, lives, ammo, etc. She can scan memory or game files to find some specific values ​​(money, resources, etc.). There can be many such values ​​and you need to select the ones you need, so the search is divided into two stages – the search for values ​​and the elimination of unnecessary values. As a result, we get the addresses in which the numbers are located, and they can be changed to the desired ones. Special methods allow you to cheat even games that do not have numerical visible values ​​​​(for example, a graphical life bar) or games that encode their data. ArtMoney does not work in multiplayer mode (i.e. man against man), because money can be duplicated on several computers, and changing money on one (your) does not lead to success, although there are exceptions.

Advantages of the ArtMoney program

• 7 data search methods (for SE edition 5 methods), including – Exact Value, Value Sequence, Value Range, Unknown Value, Encoded Value, Structure Search, Formula Search.
• 3 index search methods, including “Pointer to Index” up to level 5 (for SE edition, “Pointer to Index” search is limited to the second level). Search for only static pointers (with the checkbox “Only static addresses in modules”). Static pointers are guaranteed to work on any computer!
• Search simultaneously 12 types of data (18 types of data considering the order of bytes). If you set the type to ALL, then the program will determine the data type automatically. Unique search algorithm! Until now, no competitor has this! Special type “Integer 3 bytes” for Game Boy, NES, SNES and Sony Playstation emulators.
• When scanning memory, ArtMoney uses the capabilities of multi-core processors and multi-processor systems. If you have a dual-core processor, the search will be almost 2 times faster, if you have a quad-core processor, then 4 times! A unique algorithm for searching for values ​​of types with a dot with rounding, many times faster than competitors!
• 4 types of rounding when searching. “Round to nearest” (regular rounding), “Round down” (round down to minus infinity), “Round up” (round down to plus infinity), “Round down to zero” (discards the fractional part).
• Disassembler and debugger allows you to open a window in the form of a list of assembler commands and set breakpoints to debug the process. Step-by-step execution and run until return is possible. When a point is triggered, you can edit registers and flags. You can specify conditions and actions for a breakpoint. The program can load variable names from the specified folder in the settings. You can set your own names for variables and functions. You can save/load debug information. Available only in PRO edition.
• Search for commands that refer to the address. You can easily find an assembler instruction that changes the value, replace that instruction with a null (NOP) instruction, and the value will no longer change. This is usually easier than finding a pointer. Available only in PRO edition.
• The assembler command type is available. Assembler is a “low level” programming language. Assembly language instructions correspond one to one to processor instructions. The assembler instruction can be edited and changed. Available only in PRO edition.
• Search for text and strings. Automatic detection of text encoding and strings selected for search. A string is, for example, the name of a character or a game city, a weapon or a spell, as well as a game script (String search is not available in the SE edition).
• The program can scan processes, files and folders. You can search for any values ​​in the game folder. As well as any texts and values ​​on the disk or in the selected folder (Search inside the folder is not available in the SE edition).
• Additional conditions for searching and filtering (>,<,<>,>=,<=). For example, using the <> (not equal to) condition, you can filter out all non-null values, thus reducing the overall search time (not available in SE edition).
• Support for little endian and little endian. For example, the flipped order is used on the Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Sega Saturn, and Panasonic 3DO emulators.
• Search taking into account the multiplicity of the address. That allows, for example, to search for values ​​only at even or multiple addresses, which is many times faster than at all. For Windows 32 bit games, the address is even in about 90% of cases, and a multiple of four in 75% of cases.
• Search in the memory block. Often the resources in the game (money, stones, wood, life, armor, etc.) are in the same block of memory. Scanning just one game block is much faster than the whole game, especially for an unknown value. Simply select the context menu command “Search in this memory block” and automatically all search parameters will be set to the memory block corresponding to the currently allocated address.
• Emulator addressing and work with emulator addresses. Our unique development! When searching, simply select the system (game console) and the emulator from the list. Tables for emulator games do not depend on the emulator or its version, since they are addressed as on a console. When loading the emulator table, emulator addresses will be automatically converted into computer addresses. Support for multilevel emulator pointers.
• Modular addressing. When this checkbox is checked in the settings, the program will represent the address relative to the beginning of the module loaded into the process. That is, the end address will be calculated as the sum of the module’s start address and the address within the module. Thus, the address will always be up-to-date, even if the module is loaded at a different address.
• Addressing within a memory block. The block of memory is determined by the size. The end address will be calculated as the sum of the start address of the memory block and the address within the block. . Thus, the address will always be up-to-date, even if the block of memory of the required size is located at a different address.
• Search by formula. Save the memory dump several times. You have multiple object states M1,M2, and so on. For example, the state of the life bar is the same on states 1 and 3. Now do the filtering according to the formula “(M1<>M2)and(M2<>M3)and(M1=M3)”. And you easily found the address of life.
• Search and processing of structures. A structure is a collection of logically related variables, possibly of different types, grouped under one name for ease of further processing. For example, the structure of a character in a game contains variables that describe the character’s characteristics (such as health, experience, level, strength, agility, accuracy, etc.). The user can create his own structure or generate it automatically from an open table. ArtMoney allows gaps between variables because the full structure and description of all of its variables may not be known. The structure is almost always found at once and no screening is required. 3 commands for automatic generation of structures and searching through them (not available in SE edition).
• Save and load process. Can be used to save games where not provided. Restrictions: You cannot restart the process. For large games, it only works within one level (not available in the SE edition).
• Work simultaneously with a large number of addresses (tens of thousands without system braking)! Support for each address 6 hotkeys for changing and freezing values. Allows you to change the value at this address from the game itself without switching to ArtMoney.
• Stealth mode. When you check the “Hide your process” checkbox, ArtMoney disappears from the list of processes. When checking the “Hide my windows” checkbox, all ArtMoney windows disappear from the list of operating system windows (not available in SE edition).
• Special setting “Use your own memory access functions”. When this checkbox is checked, ArtMoney uses its own service to access memory, thereby bypassing all possible memory protections (not available in SE edition).
• Addresses can be grouped. Groups can be represented as a tree of groups. When you set a group to visible, its subgroups will also be visible. Setting the “Show group tree” setting displays the group tree on the main form.
• 4 types of freezing values. The normal freeze type simply holds the entered value. The “may increase” type allows the value to increase, but does not allow it to decrease. For example, a character’s health can increase as the game progresses, as experience gains. The “can decrease” type allows the value to decrease, but does not allow it to increase. For example, the strength of your player’s damage. The minimum to maximum type allows the value to change from minimum to maximum.
• Formula calculator. In any number input field, you can enter a mathematical formula, for example, enter 2+2*3 in the search field, and the program will search for the result of the formula, that is, 8. Arithmetic operators are allowed – addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication ( *), division (/), remainder of division (MOD). As well as bitwise operators – AND (AND), OR (OR), Exclusive OR (XOR), NOT (NOT), Shift Right (SHR), Shift Left (SHL). The order of actions can be given in parentheses. Useful if you know how the value is encoded in the game. For example, look for 100 life in the Loki game as – 100 xor BAADBAAD, type – with a dot of 4 bytes. In Warcraft 3, look for 125 gold as – 125*10, type – 4 byte integer.
• Process map. The process map window displays a list of memory blocks and the name of the modules. System modules are highlighted in green, common modules in yellow.
• Memory/file editor. The editor has a customizable interface for every taste. There are four modes for moving around the editor. The view of each cell and the current one at the bottom of the window are also configured. You can change the number of columns.
• Saved tables (AMT files) contain information about the author of the table, the game and the operating system. Tables can be in multiple languages ​​at the same time. When loading a table, the language set in the settings (language plugin) is selected by default.
• ArtMoney allows you to use as skins (covers), the so-called visual styles (eng. Visual Styles), developed for the Windows operating system. There are currently thousands of free visual styles that you can easily use without any modification. For example, at you can download over a thousand different styles (files with the msstyles extension).
• Values ​​in any window can be entered in decimal and hexadecimal format (with an h at the end).
• When checking the checkbox “Check for new versions”, the program will notify the user about the release of a new version and offer to download it (not available in the SE edition).
• You can install 27 language plugins and 10 translated user manuals.


ОС:  Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/2012/10

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