Adobe Lightroom Classic: Processing Practice (2020) Crack Free Download [2023]

By | December 7, 2022

Adobe Lightroom Classic: Processing Practice (2020) Crack Free Download [Latest]

This class is a new hands-on series of processing techniques in  Lightroom Classic . Based on 15 new spectacular photographs taken around the world. You will see the solution of 15 new problems using modern processing techniques. These are new ways of working with masks in gradients (brightness and color), using the Texture engine, which allows you to softly process portraits, working with the TCD trio and the Hue engine. Processing is shown from scratch in steps pre-recorded in DNG Snapshots. After purchasing the class, all 15 examples will be available for download, so you can go through the processing process with the teacher.

By looking at this class, you:

  • You will analyze 15 examples with a description of the problem and methods of solution.
  • Consider all examples step by step, from the moment of import to the final processing step.
  • You will use all the Develop section tools available in LR 9.x


  • Introduction
  • Arrangement of accents in dawn shots
  • Basic development of genre shots
  • Working with the contrast and texture of snow objects
  • Working with gradients by mask
  • We prepare personnel for social networks
  • Texture development in the sun
  • Portrait processing. Smoothing skin imperfections
  • Side light and brightness imbalance
  • Backlight and brightness imbalance
  • Isolate color tones
  • Expanding the dynamic range of the frame
  • Working with the TCD trio (Texture, Clarity, Dehaze)
  • “Quiet Moroccan Night” or “Nuances of Noise Reduction”
  • “Problematic” RAW with a narrow dynamic range
  • “Last Autumn” or “Acceleration of Color Tones”


About the course:

Author:  Dmitry Shatrov
Duration:  3 hours 31 minutes Format:  MP4
Video:  AVC, 1920×1080, ~1988 Kbps
Audio:  AAC, 253 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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Download Adobe Lightroom Classic Masterclass: Processing Practice (2020) (4 GB):

Part 1  +  Part 2

Part 1  +  Part 2

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Part 1  +  Part 2

Part 1  +  Part 2

Part 1  +  Part 2

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