Acronis Backup Workstation / Server 11.5.43916 + Universal Restore Crack Download [2023]

By | December 9, 2022

Acronis Backup Workstation / Server 11.5.43916 + Universal Restore Crack Free Download [Latest]

Acronis Backup Crack (formerly Acronis Backup & Recovery)  is a backup and disaster recovery application for Windows servers and laptops in physical and virtual environments, which can be downloaded for free from Represents a new generation of the Acronis True Image family and is a powerful server protection tool.

Acronis Backup simplifies and automates backup and recovery. During the process of creating a backup, a new line of products from Acronis eliminates duplicate data, thus saving up to 90% of backup storage. With this program, you can restore both the entire hard drive, including the operating system, applications, settings and all user data, as well as individual files and folders.

Main Advantages:

– Ease of backing up and restoring the operating system of laptops. Notebook operating system backups can be stored in any centralized location or locally in Acronis Secure Zone to ensure immediate recovery in case of failure.
– Fast system recovery. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 will restore all the contents of your hard drive, including operating systems, applications and user data in minutes, not hours, let alone days.
– Intuitive interface and wizard system. Users can restore files, folders and even their own servers without the help of an administrator and do not need lengthy training
– Migration to new hardware. Restoring to dissimilar hardware is easy with the Acronis Backup & Recovery Universal Restore add-on. Move the old system to the new one, including all applications, data and settings, and the computer is ready to continue working in a few minutes.

Key Features:

– Quickly restore operating systems, applications, files, and data
– Quickly and easily backup and restore a full disk image
– Easy bare metal recovery on the same or different hardware, or in a virtual machine
– Backup and restore of individual folders on a disk or network shared folders
– Restore individual files and folders from an image-based
backup – Convert backups to virtual machine format
– Support for various storage systems
– Local folders, SMB network folders, and FTP servers
– Removable USB drives and hard drives
– Acronis® Secure Zone is a special protected partition on a hard drive
– CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray
– ZIP®, REV® and other removable media
– Acronis Cloud Storage
– Support for a wide range of platforms
– Physical machines or virtual machines on VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, Red platforms Hat or Parallels
– BIOS and UEFI boot systems
– MBR and GPT
disks – Basic and dynamic disks, LVM
– Enhanced archive reliability and protection
– Write backups to multiple locations
– Write backups to Acronis Backup & Recovery Online cloud storage.
– Backup protection with AES encryption algorithm with a key length of 256 bi


Main Features of Universal Restore:

– Restore a failed computer to other hardware or a virtual machine in minutes.
– Migration of physical-to-virtual, virtual-to-physical, physical-to-physical, or virtual-to-virtual systems for recovery, testing, etc.
– Installing new hardware drivers and changing the HAL level to boot the computer after changing the motherboard or hard drive controller, or to move the hard drive to another machine.
– Cloning and deployment of operating systems regardless of hardware.

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