ABBYY Aligner 2.0 Crack Download [2023]

By | December 8, 2022

ABBYY Aligner 2.0 Crack Free Download [Latest]

ABBYY Aligner 2.0 Crack  is a handy tool for aligning parallel texts and creating high-quality Translation Memory databases, which can be downloaded for free at The program finds sentences corresponding to each other in texts in different languages, compares them with each other and allows you to save the result in the Translation Memory database or in an RTF file.

The program allows translators, translation companies and their clients to improve the quality and speed of translations, as well as minimize financial costs when contacting translation agencies or the labor costs of their own translation departments.


  • The program has a high quality alignment of parallel (or bilingual) texts.  Most of these programs use methods to automatically align texts in sentence order. This leads to a large number of errors in the final result, which can only be eliminated manually at the post-editing stage. ABBYY Aligner 2.0 handles parallel texts with an improved and more efficient method. The program not only divides texts into segments and compares them in order, but compares the segments of the source text with the segments of the translated text, using dictionary bases and checking them for semantic similarity. Thus, the program most accurately finds corresponding segments and better aligns the text.
  • Automatic processing of a large volume of documents.  The program implements the so-called batch file processing mode. It allows you to queue a large number of documents that will be aligned automatically without user intervention.
  • Open documents in various popular formats.  ABBYY Aligner can open standard text file formats, documents created in popular office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and also allows you to simply copy text from another application using the clipboard and paste it into the ABBYY Aligner 2.0 editor window.
  • Working with 24 languages ​​in 512 translation directions.  ABBYY Aligner aligns parallel texts in 24 languages, that is, it works with any of 512 translation directions for the following languages: English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Latvian, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Finnish, French, Czech, Swedish, Estonian.
  • Saving the result in Translation Memory format (TMX 1.4b standard) or RTF. TMX (Translation Memory eXchange format) is an international standard that is supported by most systems for working with TM databases. Thanks to this, having received aligned text in ABBYY Aligner 2.0 and saving it in TMX format, you can then use the result in various other applications, for example, in CAT-tools (Computer-assisted Translation Tools), which are often used by translators. The RTF format is used for various purposes, it is a standard format for exchanging text documents and is supported by many Microsoft products.

Additional Features of the Editor provide quick and convenient editing of the result, if Necessary:

​​Highlighting lines, the correct alignment of which the program “doubts”, allows you to quickly check the resulting version and not miss a possible error. Errors such as:
• Uncertainly aligned parts of the text
• Lines with empty cells
• Spelling errors
Convenient editing of the result obtained:
• the ability to split or merge the received text segments or move them through the text
• manual comparison of segments

Supported Formats:

  • Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
  • Microsoft® Word Document (*.docx)
  • Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)
  • Document Adobe® PDF, Text Only(**.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word XML Document (*.xml)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® Presentation and Shows (*.pptx; *ppsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation and Shows (*.ppt; *pps)
  • Microsoft Excel® Workbook (*.xlsx)
  • Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)
  • Plain Text (*.txt)
  • HTML Document (*.html; *htm)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint XML Presentation (*.xml)
  • Document Adobe InDesign IDML (*.idml)
  • OpenDocument Text (*.odt)
  • OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp)
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.ods)
  • Binary Resource File (*.exe, *.dll)
  • .NET Managed Resources File (*.resx)
  • Adobe FrameMaker Document (*.mif)
  • Resource Script (*.rc)



Type:  install.
Languages:  Russian | English.
Activation:  performed (Pafnutiy761).
Cut:  nothing.

Command line switches:

• Silent installation: /S
• It is also possible to select a directory for installation: After all keys, add /D=%path% Example: setup_file.exe /S /D=C: ABBYY

OS:  Microsoft® Windows Vista® / Microsoft Windows® XP/ Microsoft Windows 7
To work with the Russian interface, the operating system must provide Cyrillic support.

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