Uniblue SystemTweaker 2015 Crack Free Download [2023]

By | January 1, 2023

Uniblue SystemTweaker 2015 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

Uniblue SystemTweaker Crack  is a Windows tweaking toolkit that allows you to customize the OS to your liking. Windows can be a difficult operating system to set up because it includes many pre-installed configurations that are difficult to tweak. From tweaking the Start menu to quick and easy changes to network behavior, SystemTweaker comes packed with over 50 tweaks, all hand-picked to make your Windows experience a little more comfortable.

Start menu:

  • Tweaks to Show Start Menu Icons : These tweaks allow you to hide or show icons on the Start menu.
  • Enable Start Menu Scrolling: Windows can use multiple columns to display Start Menu icons. When you enable Start Menu scrolling, Windows retains
    one column but adds the ability to scroll it.

Control Panel:

  • Deny remote administration access to floppy drives / CD-ROM drives : If remote access is enabled, other users on the network can access
    your data. For security reasons, this access can be denied.
  • Multiple network adapters for load balancing : Equal distribution of network load across multiple network adapters, if any.
  • Allow Print Server Notification Messages : If this tweak is enabled, any server notifications will be automatically displayed as
    taskbar pop-up messages.
  • Broadcast Network Access to New Shared Printer : If this tweak is disabled, shared printers will not be available to other computers on the network.
  • Hide passwords for accessing network file shares : If this tweak is enabled, passwords for accessing network file shares are displayed as asterisks.
  • Block Printer Sharing (XP): This blocking allows you to prevent printers connected to your PC from being used over the network.
  • Deny File Sharing (XP): If this tweak is disabled, access to shared files from other computers on the network is denied.
  • Hide my computer from the list of network browsers : Hides your computer from other members of your network.
  • Allow remote access to the registry for all types of users : If this tweak is enabled, access to your registry is open to all users.
  • Show network error statistics: A tab with additional statistics is added to the network connection status menu.


  • Enable DVD Features in Windows Media Player (XP): Allows Windows Media Player to open and play DVDs.
  • Automatic play of inserted data CD / music CD : If this tweak is enabled, the inserted
    CDs will be played automatically.
  • Allow accelerated access to AVI media files: Accelerates access through the folder to movies with the AVI extension by blocking the download of unnecessary data.

Starting and shutting down the Windows system:

  • Allow Windows password caching: If this tweak is disabled, the user will be required to enter their Windows password each time they attempt to access
    a password-protected resource.
  • Allow desktop to load during logon script execution: If this tweak is enabled, the Windows desktop loads before the
    logon script exits.
  • Clear the paging file each time Windows shuts down: If this tweak is enabled, the file used for virtual memory is deleted on shutdown.

Context menu:

  • Suppress context menu by default in Windows Explorer: By default, the shortcut menu appears when you right-click on the desktop or in a window
  • Windows Explorer. When this adjustment is enabled, the menu is not called up.
  • Add an “Open With” option to the Windows Explorer menu: The “Open With” feature allows you to select a program to open specific files.
  • Suppress right-click context menus for the Windows taskbar: Hides the menus that appear when you right-click on the taskbar.
  • Add an “Open Command Prompt” Option to the Windows Explorer Menu: This tweak adds an “Open Command Prompt” option to the context menu for the directory
    where you right-clicked to bring up the menu.

Advanced Windows Options:

  • Automatically restart Windows on blue screen error : Automatically restart Windows when a critical system error is detected.
  • Suppress PC speaker beep when system errors occur: When a system error is detected, the PC speaker emits a warning sound.
  • This adjustment allows you to turn off this sound.
  • Display more detailed information in Windows Device Manager: Device Manager displays additional information in the Details section of the Properties tab.
  • Run Windows Desktop as a Separate Process (XP): Normally, Windows starts one process for the Windows desktop, taskbar, and all other Explorer tasks. This means
    that if this process fails, all the other aforementioned tasks will also be closed. If you run the Windows desktop as a separate process, then its stability will increase.
  • Keep program performance while executing print jobs : This tweak ensures that print jobs do not slow programs down by taking up
    too much system resources.



  • Set windows to focus automatically when mouse moves over them: With this tweak, the operating system activates the window when
    the mouse moves over it.
  • Show tooltips for Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons : By default, hovering over the Minimize, Maximize, or Close button in the upper right corner of any window displays a tooltip with information about the button’s purpose . This tweak allows you to turn off the mechanism for displaying such tips.
  • Use Attached Web Files and Folders: HTML documents saved to your hard drive often contain a large number of files that are linked to the main HTML document. This tweak connects the main HTML file to all related files so that when the main document is moved to a different location, all related files are copied along with it.
  • Use Explorer when opening the My Computer window: If you open the My Computer window using Explorer, you get a convenient navigation bar. When this
    tweak is enabled, the My Computer window always has a navigation bar.

OS:  Windows® 8/XP/Vista/7
Interface language:  Multilingual + Russian

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