Diskeeper 2016 Pro 19.0.1212.0 Crack Free Download [2023]

By | January 1, 2023

Diskeeper 2016 Pro 19.0.1212.0 Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

Diskeeper Crack is a fast defragmenter for Windows that is six times faster than the built-in defragmentation tools. The program uses a minimum of system resources to maintain maximum performance. Defragmentation is performed in the background without interfering with the user’s work. Smart scheduling dynamically adjusts the defragmentation process schedule based on disk health. There is no need for the user or network administrator to take into account network load – Diskeeper will automatically adjust to it and provide it with maximum performance. Unlike manual defragmenters, this program runs according to an automatic defragmentation schedule. After downloading the application, you will receive deployment and management tools through the network, as well as the functions of simultaneous defragmentation of several partitions with different file systems. To make your computer run as fast as when it was new, all you need to do is install Diskeeper.

Diskeeper  keeps your personal computers and servers running like new, extending their effective lifespan. Each user has encountered the problem of a gradual decrease in the performance of the Windows system, the more the computer is used and the more programs are installed on it. Diskeeper with patented active IntelliWrite technology prevents this by preventing file fragmentation at the Windows system level, so you’ll instantly get the best performance from every application and every system, whether you’re a large enterprise, small business, government agency, or home user.

For more than 10 years, Diskeeper has been the flagship product of Windows defragmentation technology; the release of Diskeeper 2008 continues the legacy of performance enhancements with Set It and Forget It[R] technology that became the symbol of the Diskeeper name
Whether you’ve used Diskeeper before, you may be familiar with some of its features; however, the release of Diskeeper 2011 contains enhancements to these features and a number of other core enhancements.
New users will appreciate the combination of ease of use and the power of Diskeeper. Experienced Diskeeper users will recognize familiar features as well as notice a performance improvement in Diskeeper (and their computers).
Below is an overview of the most important features of the various editions. More information about each of these features can be found in the Diskeeper Help.

Main Functions:

  • IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology.  IntelliWrite anti-fragmentation technology actively eliminates up to 85% of file fragmentation before it occurs, without using resources, optimizing file writing. Continuous or sequential data writes are also more efficient because they require less system resources than data writes in a fragmented or random state. IntelliWrite combined with Diskeeper technology is the best storage optimization solution.
  • Instant Defrag Engine.  Instant Defrag instantly defrags recently fragmented files before they slow down your PC. Instant Defrag is a new technology that instantly merges fragments not prevented by IntelliWrite without the need for disk analysis. Combined with IntelliWrite, every system is always running at peak performance, no matter the workload.
  • HyperFast 2.0 SSD Optimizer.  The HyperFast SSD Optimizer, previously sold as a standalone add-on, is now included as standard with Diskeeper. HyperFast is the only technology specifically designed to accelerate the performance of SSDs running Microsoft® operating systems. HyperFast now includes a TRIM feature to improve performance. The HyperFast feature is activated only when an SSD is detected.
  • Disk health monitoring.  Monitors SMART disk data; checks for other critical file system problems; warns of critical problems or potential drive failure; generates email notifications or text messages for mobile devices, tracking data around the clock. Helps prevent potential problems.
  • System monitoring.  Monitors system environment activity and provides an overview of the statistics collected to monitor system performance.
  • Hyperboot Technology.  HyperBoot technology speeds up system boot time. HyperBoot runs completely in the background, requiring no user intervention or impacting system resources.
  • Optimization of I-FAAST files.  I-FAAST improves file access and creation by averaging 10-20% faster, and improves defragmentation-only performance by optimizing the placement of the data you use most. I-FAAST now also works with file exclusion, which improves compatibility with third-party applications and allows the system administrator to fine-tune customization in special situations.
  • “Aggressive” InvisiTasking technology.  This exclusive processing technology uses idle resources to optimize even the busiest systems in the background. The technology can now monitor changes in the fragmentation state across all volumes and use system resources more aggressively as needed to handle performance-critical fragmentation without running into resource conflicts.
  • Updated user interface.  An all-new user interface with simplified navigation that allows users to see what’s happening at a glance, but at the same time provides the ability to view more detailed information if needed. Cross-platform design with a modern look and feel for all levels of users, from enterprises to small businesses and individuals.
  • Terabyte Volume Engine technology.  Terabyte Volume Engine technology is specifically designed to quickly defragment volumes with hundreds of thousands of files. Now included with Diskeeper Professional.
  • efficient mode.  Along with the advanced defragmentation mode, the efficient mode offers the greatest possible savings in system I/O resources. The technology is able to understand which fragmentation is the problem and instantly eliminate only the fragmentation that directly affects system performance.
  • Free Space Consolidation Engine.  New and improved technology quickly consolidates free space and tightly integrates with Instant Defrag to handle new fragmentation as soon as it occurs.
  • Support for IPv6 networks.  Only Diskeeper provides full product functionality and management support on IPv6 networks.
  • performance map.  The performance map shows a visual representation of file access performance for each volume.
  • Improved analysis reports.  Diskeeper 12 provides improved analysis reports that graphically demonstrate improvements in system and volume health and performance. Diskeeper also evaluates the health of your drive against documented factors that affect reliability and stability. Various reports include: fragmentation analysis, read/write access time improvement, file and free space performance, and saved disk I/O.
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) compatibility mode.  Diskeeper offers VSS compatibility mode. This minimizes VSS storage growth due to file movement and reduces the chance that previously created VSS snapshots will be deleted.
  • Load time mode.  Performs Microsoft® recommended defragmentation of critical system files in safe mode.
  • Support for network management.  Controls Diskeeper settings and features through Diskeeper Administrator or Group Policy.

Diskeeper Professional Premier - Download


Type:  installation.
Languages:  English.
Activation:  completed.
Cut:  nothing.
Silent Install: /S

Main advantages:

  • Keep servers, storage, and applications up to date
  • Keeping Microsoft applications running at peak performance
  • Increasing the performance of your computer, workstation and server
  • Help reclaim free space to make better use of storage capacity
  • Centralized management via administrator

ОC: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

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