Cheat Engine 7.2 (RUS) Crack Download [2023]

By | November 29, 2022

Cheat Engine 7.2 (RUS) Crack Free Download [Latest]

Cheat Engine  is a game cracker. This cheat program can hack for money in games, health indicators, weapons, cheats for crystals. The program is an analyzer of RAM cells – this or that game refers to them during startup. These cells store all data about the player’s health, money, stock of weapons or other indicators. Therefore, the program is more likely not a hacker, but a game editor on a computer, which allows you to hack for experience, for gold, or to add money.

Program Installation

This is the simplest point. Download the program and install on your PC. But please note that some antiviruses installed on the computer will not let you download the program and notify that it is a virus. Therefore, during installation, disable your antivirus. Also, after installation, add the folder where the cheat program is installed to the exclusion menu in the antivirus – this will allow you to run the cheat engine and not be afraid that the EXE will be eaten by the antivirus during the program launch.

Program Features

Cheat Engine is the most popular game hacking software. You can hack for money in games and not fill the required amount. Cheat Engine finds the necessary files that are responsible for the parameters of items, characters, etc. For example, you can pump weapons in shooters, set an unlimited number of rounds. In races, open all the cars, as well as the necessary improvements to them, without having to go through the game.

  • Consciousness of any trainers
  • Search and replace characteristics and values ​​in most games
  • Own speedhack (you can change the speed in the game)
  • Debugger inside the program
  • Direct3D Mode Control
  • Russian and Ukrainian language support
  • Ability to work with third-party plugins and scripts for free
  • The ability to change indicators both online and offline in games
  • It is provided to install the crack directly into the game folder (the crack can be downloaded from the off site)
  • Cheating money and other data is saved after the game is closed


How to Hack Games

It should be noted that the game always starts first, and only then the cheat engine. We start the game, and after that our Cheat Engine. In the upper left corner of the program, look for the computer icon and click on it with the left mouse button (LMB).

After clicking, a window will appear with the processes running at the moment.

Select your game and click on it LMB. After that, the previous window will be displayed, in which you can enter points, experience, points or add money.

Then click on search. At the end of the search, in the left window there will be columns that need to be transferred to the lower window of the program and it is in the lower field that you already edit the code.

And to see the result, for example, with money, just buy something in the game and the number of coins will be equal to the one you entered in the lower block of the program.

The speed hack activation checkbox is also displayed there. It is used to decrease or increase the speed of the game. For example, slow down the speed of the game in a shooter for better aiming, or increase the speed to immediately get coins, rather than waiting an hour. The main thing is not to overdo it with the speed hack speed slider – if it is too large, then the textures of the game simply will not have time to load, and the game will freeze.

It is better to save the tables for the cheat engine that you edit during the game separately – so that later, if the game does not work, you will know what was changed in it. This is a simple instruction to save the performance of the game.

How to use the program you can clearly see in the video:


How to Hack using cheat engine Tanki online?

This is impossible. The service of this game is located on the servers where the online part of the game is located. This was done on purpose so that it was impossible to cheat in the game and wind up your rating for free. But it should be remembered that there are online games that can be hacked.

What to do if a new antivirus does not allow you to run a speed hack or ate an .exe file?

You need to download the installation file on our website after disabling the antivirus. Install the program and be sure to add the folder with the program to the exceptions in the antivirus settings.

I made changes in the lower block of the program, but the money did not appear.

In order for the money to appear in the game, it is necessary to make a purchase, and only then will the result of the work of the cheat engine.

Is it possible to use chemax and artmoney in parallel to register weapons?

Cheat engine analogues can work in parallel and do not interfere with each other due to the fact that chemax has a library (which every cheater knows about) in which there are cheat codes that you simply type during the game and you get this or that item, currency or skill . But often the list of chemax codes is limited. Artmani, in turn, can only add numerical values ​​​​in the game, which also does not make it as universal as a cheat engine.

Error “Crash opening trainer to update resources”

This is a problem with the encoding – do not use Russian characters in the program and save the new trainer to a folder without Cyrillic. Always save, for example, to D:.

Will it hack popular games:

  • GTA San Andreas
  • GTA5
  • Stalker
  • Saints Row
  • Skyrim
  • TDP4 dark project
  • minecraft

Regarding these games, it is better to try to find codes that fit them in chemax and not go into the developer’s code. This is due to the fact that often the game needs to be downloaded again and reinstalled, and in the case of, for example, GTA 5, this is 50+ gigabytes.

Cheat Engine is primarily a program for all games – but you are not forbidden to try to hack a non-game program in a similar way😉


  • Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium II (AMD K6-2) or higher
  • Memory: from 1024
  • Video card: Graphics adapter with 256 MB memory or higher
  • Free space on HDD: 23.60 MB

Download Russian version of Cheat Engine

You can download the program for free without viruses on your computer without leaving our website. The program for hacking for money is always available for download only in the latest version in Russian.

Our Mission

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