Black Ops 2 cheat trainer Crack Download [2023]

By | December 3, 2022

Black Ops 2 Cheat Trainer Crack Free Download [Latest]

Anyone who wants to quickly increase the experience in Black Ops 2 is offered a Cheat Trainer, which has recently been updated.

  • Vac-Stat.: Undetected
  • Created by: unlimited1

Feature List:

  • 2nd / 3rd kill (perform two/three kills in a short amount of time) = get 12,000 xp 500 xp – no big deal.
  • For Bloodthirsty (5 kills without dying) = we get 2500 xp, also normal.
  • (received with an account of 250,000) = Get 10,000 XP.
  • Career wins (win 500 games) = 5,000XPcareer.
  • Kills (1000 points) = get 10,000XP.
  • Hitting the head 1000 times => 5,000XP (headshots).
  • Hardcore (play 150 games in hardcore mode) = Get 5000XP for hardcore.
  • TDM Vet (MS 50,000 estimate) = 5,000XP Hardcore.
  • Vet (in hardcore 100,000 score) = get 10,000XP Hardcore.
  • Weapon kills (weapon category 1000 (FA, shotgun, Mirtaillette, Bâteuse, scope, pistol) = get 5*6 = 30000XP000XP but not all.
  • With built-in (500 kills with modules: barrel, silencer, grip, laser sight ..) = we get 5 * 5 = 25000XP 000XP.
  • BootCamp (don’t know exactly what this means: x-ray, spotter (destroy 50 opponents prone), put to rest (50 kills with cover), chasing prey (50 kills sitting) and BootCamp graduate school) = get 000 XP 5*5 => 25000 xp. Farther
  • There is a challenge (it seems with grenades) = we get 5000XP.
  • Perks ScoreStreaks (kills 1000 with scorestreak, drone 100 actively destroying 100 kills with used UAV, helping drone 1000, destroy 75scorestreaks, ASIST 10000 with scorestreak) = we get 500xp by the formula 2*3 5*3 = 22000XP 500xp.
  • Perk: light weight impact viscosity (I don’t know exactly the translation) Agility) = we get by the formula 5 * 3 = 15000XP000XP. And in total: 178500XP (only if I’m not mistaken).

Sorry for the wrong translation…



  1. Download the archive and extract all the files to Slave. Art.;
  2. We launch BlackOps2, go to the Barracks and turn off Alt+Tab;
  3. Run Trainer_BOII_by_unlimited1__V1.2.exe;
  4. Select the required amount of experience and press the Activate button;
  5. We close the trainer and go into the game in order to save the experience gained.

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