AllMapSoft Google Earth Images Downloader 6.400

By | September 18, 2023

AllMapSoft Google Earth Images Downloader 6.400 Latest Version

AllMapSoft Google Earth Images Downloader is a powerful software tool designed to download images from Google Earth for offline use. Google Earth is a popular geospatial tool that provides detailed imagery of the Earth’s surface, including satellite imagery and aerial photographs. However, accessing this imagery offline can be a challenge. Google Earth Images Downloader bridges this gap by allowing users to download and save Google Earth images to their local storage.

Google Earth Images Downloader operates by utilizing Google Earth’s extensive database of images and maps. The software facilitates users in extracting and storing these images for later use, enabling offline viewing, analysis, and utilization of geographical data. It provides a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from researchers and professionals to casual enthusiasts.

Google Earth Images Downloader serves a vital purpose by offering users the ability to access Google Earth imagery without needing an internet connection. Here are two main purposes of the software:

  1. Offline Access to Geographical Data: The primary purpose of Google Earth Images Downloader is to provide offline access to Google Earth’s vast repository of imagery. This is particularly useful for individuals or professionals who need to work in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, enabling them to view and analyze geographical data even when offline.
  2. Customized Usage and Convenience: Another purpose is to allow users to select specific areas of interest and download high-resolution images for their personal or professional use. This customization and convenience are paramount for various applications such as urban planning, land surveying, environmental monitoring, and educational purposes.

AllMapSoft Google Earth Images Downloader For Windows

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AllMapSoft Google Earth Images Downloader 6.400

Key Features

  1. Area Selection:
    • Users can choose specific geographical areas for image download, providing a targeted approach.
  2. Resolution Options:
    • Different image resolutions are available, allowing users to download images according to their requirements, balancing quality and file size.
  3. Offline Usage:
    • Downloaded images can be viewed offline, ensuring access to critical geographical data without an internet connection.
  4. Batch Downloading:
    • Enables downloading multiple images simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  5. Custom File Naming:
    • Users can customize the names of downloaded files, aiding in organizing and managing downloaded imagery effectively.
  6. Preview Functionality:
    • Provides a preview of selected areas and resolutions before initiating the download, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  7. Integration with Google Earth:
    • Seamless integration with Google Earth for a streamlined and intuitive user experience.
  8. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making the software accessible to both beginners and experienced users.
  9. Export Formats:
    • Supports various image formats for export, including JPEG, PNG, and BMP, providing flexibility in usage and compatibility.

What’s New?

In the latest version of Google Earth Images Downloader, several new features have been introduced to enhance user experience and functionality:

  • Enhanced User Interface:
    • A revamped, modernized interface for improved usability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Improved Performance:
    • Optimization for faster image downloads and smoother overall operation.
  • Extended Export Options:
    • Addition of more export formats, including TIFF and GIF, providing additional flexibility to users.
  • Increased Compatibility:
    • Better compatibility with different operating systems, ensuring a wider user base.
  • Advanced Error Handling:
    • Enhanced error handling mechanisms to provide clearer error messages and streamline troubleshooting processes.

System Requirements

To use Google Earth Images Downloader, your system should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating System:
    • Windows 7, 8, 10, or newer
    • macOS 10.12 Sierra or later
  • Processor:
    • Intel Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
  • RAM:
    • 2GB RAM or more
  • Hard Disk Space:
    • 100MB of free disk space
  • Internet Connection:
    • Required for initial software download and updates

How to Install

  1. Download the Installer:
    • Obtain the installer file for Google Earth Images Downloader from the official website.
  2. Run the Installer:
    • Double-click the downloaded file to initiate the installation process.
  3. Follow Installation Wizard:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the installation wizard.
  4. Choose Installation Location:
    • Select the preferred installation location on your system.
  5. Complete Installation:
    • Click ‘Install’ to begin the installation process, and wait for it to complete.
  6. Launch the Application:
    • Once installed, launch Google Earth Images Downloader from the desktop or start menu.


AllMapSoft Google Earth Images Downloader is an invaluable tool for anyone requiring offline access to Google Earth imagery. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and customization options, it caters to a wide range of users, including researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts. The software’s ability to facilitate offline access to geographical data and allow users to tailor their downloads based on specific needs underscores its importance in the field of geospatial information and analysis. As technology continues to evolve, Google Earth Images Downloader remains an essential tool for those seeking efficient and effective access to the world’s geographical imagery.

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